Overweight Kids Lose Weight

weight loseThere are many factors that can help a family in their overweight. These factors normally have to do with a change in lifestyle such as a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, diet with low caloric value important and healthy foods.

According to what I explain, overweight and obesity are classified as a chronic (long-term illnesses those whose purpose or healing cannot be clearly predicted or never happen). This occurs when the daily calorie intake is much higher than we spend with our daily physical activity, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason why we gain weight. Continue reading “Overweight Kids Lose Weight”

Weight lose diet for kids

Diet for KidsWeight lose diet for kids fed according to their age. The diet for children depend heavily on this factor. From birth to four months of life babies only need breast milk feeding, as this contains all the nutrients they need in this time period. If this will be the baby’s feeding method should be performed eight to twelve times a day, or every two to four hours. After four months of age the child can reduce the dose to four or six a day, increasing the amount of milk at each feeding.
If for some reason the baby needs to be fed with formula, then you need to drink about six to eight bottles a day. At the start will be from two to five ounces per bottle and like if you were fed breast milk, the frequencies decrease but increase the quantities of milk at each feeding up to about eight ounces per bottle. Continue reading “Weight lose diet for kids”