Proper Japanese Diet

DietMany sites mindlessly copy the information about the Japanese diet, the result is everywhere the same, not truthful information about the menu of Japanese diet and the fact that it came up in a hospital.
What is a Japanese diet?
When I started looking for information on the Japanese diet, I was, frankly, stunned the Japanese diet menu in the presence of coffee, eggs, and biscuits.
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The Japanese Diet

DietThe Japanese diet is very well-liked all over the world – with the help of thirteen days you can lose weight by eight pounds. The major thing you need to meet one situation – starting a diet, it must be severely adhered to, not replacing some other products, since all the components in it are selected very carefully in order to change metabolism.

All through the diet can not eat salt because it retains water in the body, sugar, as it was delayed because it folds at the waist, bread and flour, alcoholic beverages, even a hundred grams of wine alter metabolism, nullifying all the efforts .
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Basic menu of the Japanese diet

Japanese dietLose weight at least a kilo per week until you reach your ideal weight you should make your menus meet the requirements of the foundations of the Japanese diet. This example of a menu rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins, will help you achieve your goal and be great for the summer :-
1 slice of rye bread, cheese, miso broth, 1 orange and green tea.
1 bowl of mushrooms and pasta.
1 serving of sushi (raw fish with rice) served with soy sauce and wasabi or Japanese mustard.
1 block.
1 cup of green tea.
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