Intestinal diet – Effective diet for you

A healthy Intestinal diet effective for bowel normalizes metabolism, improves bodies. Not only that, just something held out 10 days, you are not only acquire intestinal health, but will drop to 5-7 kg of excess fat. Time this gut diets are recommended to take vitamin C, drink plenty of non-carbonated mineral water and no Do not eat sugar, salt, soda, bread. And again, this gut diet is better not to be taken during heavy work or exercise.

Belly and Intestinal Disorders in Infant.

Belly and intestinal The belly and intestines is one of the most fruitful sources of disease in childhood. Only prevent tampering, and, all things being equal, the baby will be healthy and flourish, and not need the help of doctors or physical.

There are many causes that can lead to these conditions, many of them belong to the system of the mother, some to the baby. All are capable, in large measure, to prevent or remedy. Therefore, the most important thing a mother should not be ignorant or misinformed about this issue.
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