What type of foods are incompatible?

FoodsWe have probably heard of incompatible foods. This is the basis of certain diets . The truth is that there are incompatible foods, although some gurus have been preaching otherwise rich as that proteins can not be mixed with carbohydrates .

Our body is designed to consume all foods and possibly mixed at the same meal.
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Overweight and sex are incompatible?

Overweight Research by American scientists has shown that overweight people are 25 times more likely to have problems in intimate sphere than their slender counterparts. And by problems in intimate sphere imply lack of sexual desire and attraction toward your partner, difficulties during the next due to overweight. Some fat people recognized that for these reasons, abstain from sex altogether.

In addition, sexologists claim that overweight women violated the sensitivity of the vagina, making them mane passionate and temperamental than the young ladies with a healthy weight.
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