How to calculate ideal weight

ideal weightProblem for women is to have the ideal weight for themselves to have the ideal figure recommended by health since being too skinny may both have problems with their health, and if we take it to the extreme can to become men, and repugnant to the purpose of being skinny is more than useless. But the truth is that to get to the ideal weight is the hard part, even though most people believe that finding the ideal weight is the really hard part.
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What weight is considered ideal for the growth?

Weight loseSome take their own blueprint appearance popular “stars” and try to visually “reincarnated” in her, imitating her in almost everything.

And if, for example, the weight of that distant “star” does not exceed the (again, no reliable information is usually taken from a yellow tabloid press) – 55 kg, and its “double” wants at all costs to have exactly the same, although there are the Lord God gave krupnokostnoy complexion and large growth. And without all the nuances they rush “in the fight” for the right to be called “well, just a second …”.
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The ideal weight

A common reason for conducting a diet lose weight or initiating physical activity or practice of a sport is linked to weight loss. Aesthetics plays a prominent in the lives of people today, with the status of being thin beauty.

It is necessary to calculate the ideal weight that we have to adjust the amount of physical activity performed daily as a way to achieve it. To calculate your ideal weight using the body mass index, which is calculated by multiplying together the height in meters? Divide the weight from the previous result. Continue reading “The ideal weight”

Find your ideal number of series

If you want to maximize your workouts, change the number of sets in your workouts

Time to upgrade the routine. Just make a few more series, you can expect to earn much stronger, as evidenced by a study conducted in Australia.

After six weeks, the athletes performed eight sets of squats twice a week got a 20% increase in strength, while those who only made four series only managed a further 14%. Continue reading “Find your ideal number of series”

Ideal weight calculation

weight loseMultiply the measured in feet and inches by itself, ie, elevate the square. Then, you divide the resulting figure by the kilos before.

Example: if you measure 1.65 m and weighs 52 kilos
Multiply 1.65 by 1.65 = 2, 72 m2
Now you divide 52 by 2.72 = 19.11
The body mass index is 19.11. This means that your weight is fine.
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The body to reach your ideal weight.

weight dietA person gains weight because he probably does have eaten an unbalanced way, consuming a disproportionate amount of carbohydrates and lipids. To retrieve the ideal weight should correct this imbalance in the food and eat only low fat foods for a while, and exercising on a daily basis.

After achieving the purpose, food must be entered in an orderly manner and in the right proportion to understand their nutritional value and power in the future, eat everything but in the right quantities.
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Ideal Weight Lose Diet

Ideal weight loseIdeal weight lose diet for their particular characteristics that adapts best to the person that follows. An ideal diet for everyone is not possible, since we are not equal and we do not have the same needs and characteristics. Therefore, the ideal diet will depend on the person who has to follow. Continue reading “Ideal Weight Lose Diet”