Three rich foods-that can allow you in holiday supplies

 rich foodsDid you know that on normal people gain weight around 2kg in December? The worst is that weight is most often NOT going and stays with you Among all the New Year’s Eve holiday dinner with family, friends and colleagues, the calories you typically increase considerably consumes all unhealthy content of these foods generally eaten for the holidays.

Luckily not all that fat you eat, provided that the quantities are moderated. So we can say that there are a lot of delicious food Continue reading “Three rich foods-that can allow you in holiday supplies”

Holiday Exercise

Fitness exerciseExercise – that’s what you want to do in the morning after a party the least. But without the light of the complex gymnastics is still not enough: Exercise will increase your metabolism and speed up the burning of calories.

And most importantly – reduce your feelings of guilt. After 10 minutes of exercise you will feel a surge of energy. And after a good exercise to make a quick step 15 minutemen a walk in the fresh air. Oxygen accelerates the burning of calories and fat. Continue reading “Holiday Exercise”