Herbs for Weight Lose

HerbsMake a weight lose program, you have two ways. One is to take medication, which is not always safe and advisable. The other possibility for weight loss, is to opt for a natural way, through diet herbs, which can be supplemented with a proper diet plan.

Through different and varied scientific studies, has been discovering the properties that these herbs to lose weight, we find in nature, have to lose weight. Analyze three kinds of herbs for weight loss
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Most important actions of herbs for weight loss

herbs diet1. Herbs that suppress hunger. Such herbs or a mucous film on the walls of the stomach, reducing appetite, or soaking up moisture, they increase in volume and fill the stomach and satisfy your hunger. These groups of plants include linseed, marshmallow root, angelica officinal is, spiraling algae and others. All this can easily be found at local pharmacies or herbalists.

2. Herbs that increase the excretion of fluids from the body, or as they are called – diuretics. Through active water exchange from the body cleans and excess fluid from the body fat.
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Recipes and not fattening-Turkey with herbs and vegetables frosty

not fatteningIf you want the star of the table is the traditional turkey, try this delicious recipe that will delight your guests.
The ingredients are calculated for 6.
ingredients :
1 turkey of between 3.5 and 4 kilos
2 lemons
1 bunch of sage
Oregano or marjoram
1 egg (to paint the turkey)
1 lime
10 cl dry white wine
2 teaspoons sweetener powder
Sea salt and black pepper grinder
Preheat oven to 170-180 degrees (gas mark 5-6). Turkey meat seasoned with salt and pepper.
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