Healthy diets

Perfect dietsMisinformation is your worst enemy when it comes to starting a diet, because you never know exactly what makes him evil and what is good to the body. There are many myths about healthy diets, today I will tell you some realities that you will see very different things

1: Low fat or no fat diets are good for you.

People think that low fat diets are the most appropriate, but the reality is that at least one third of your daily intake of calories should come from fats; the body needs fat to energy, to transport vitamins throughout the body and for the regeneration of tissue. Continue reading “Healthy diets”

Healthy diets- Which ones to keep away from?

Weight lose dietWith the entrance of summer and the fear of the fateful test suit, you could easily be tempted to try one of those diets that promote rapid weight loss in a short time. Some of these diets, then, are mainly fashionable because choices known Holly wood celebrities. But what are the diets that we must stay away? Below we present the top 5 diets to keep away from learning how to lose weight but in the right way. Continue reading “Healthy diets- Which ones to keep away from?”