Dieting junk or healthy?

junk foodNo scrap food, junk diets because there are combination that endorse weight gain and fat accumulation in the body, says nutritionist Maricarmen Oses.

Dieting expert if the three main meals of the day as well as the respective collations are balanced diet becomes healthier.

However, if we surpass the amount of protein, carbohydrates and sugars in a single day, the development of obesity is encouraged.

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Why is it significant to maintain a healthy weight

healthy weightA lot of people live in such a way that it does not lead to a healthy weight, have sedentary occupations and consume quantities of process foods without nutritional value, but does not understand that this way of life has made millions in people with are overweight or obese.

This lack of care can lead to more health problems such as heart conditions and / or diabetes. Continue reading “Why is it significant to maintain a healthy weight”

A good breakfast to lose weight and be healthy.

breakfastThere is now diverse & varied medical research that shows that a big breakfast is key both to lose weight, to get healthy and start the day.

Take a look because then we explain three benefits that your body will get with a good breakfast.

1) Feed your body and your brain. Many people consume a lot of calories for dinner, which does not make much sense because they are calories that you will not burn, unless you’re working at night. Continue reading “A good breakfast to lose weight and be healthy.”

Healthy foods for Weight Loss

Weight lossHealthy foods to lose weight are actually very beneficial, not only to burn fat, but also for good health.

Absolutely all healthy foods must be accompanied by physical exercise and drink plenty of mineral water.

If you eat healthy foods and do not perform daily exercises, it is likely that soon recover those kilos you have lost.

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What is a Healthy Body Mass Index?

Healthy BodyMaintaining a healthy weight is vital not only to feel and look good, but it is also crucial to reduce the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Using the BMI, you can determine where you are in terms of an ideal weight for optimal health. Click here to Calculate Your Body Mass Index What is Body Mass Index? The body mass index, often abbreviated simply BMI – is a mathematical formula that produces a standard number based on your height and weight in kilograms.

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Essential foods in the diet to be healthy and thin

Weight loseMore studies are looking for the perfect blend of food you eat in order to find the perfect balance to improve health and protect us, not only obesity, but multiple diseases. thus food notes that can not miss in your diet to keep you in good shape, healthy and wearing a figure of scandal:


Even though their caloric intake is high, avocados should not be excluded from the diet, since it is rich in monounsaturated fats , highly recommended to prevent cardiovascular disease similar to possessing the precious olive oil . It also has potassium, magnesium,  essential to keep your eyes healthy and protect them from aging and Vitamin E. Add it to your salads diced. View avocado nutrition facts. Continue reading “Essential foods in the diet to be healthy and thin”

Lose weight quickly and healthy

Lose weight quicklyThe best way to lose weight in a fast and healthy Eating healthy is one of the most effective ways to lose weight quickly and healthy, as it not only allows us to   lose weight quickly, but also will help us to eat only what your body needs. Eating healthy at first we were going to cost a great effort, the reason is that changing our habits almost always requires the application of an initial effort can not be considered, too, that we will have to give up the kind of food that we like a lot, but surely we do not benefit at all, so that we get the notion. Continue reading “Lose weight quickly and healthy”

Instructions for a fit diet and healthy weight

diet tipsa lot of people fail in their attempt to make diet, particularly diet, this is because they are guided by a figure of myths that have taught us, which all they do is more than assist make the whole thing more difficult and confusing, such and do not eat fruits, do not eat white bread, do not eat crabs on or after the evening here. To assist give you a figure of tips to go after to construct your diet, although more than advice, will get rid of some myths.

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Healthy Living

Diet TipsFortunately, we live in a developed country where quality of life is more than acceptable. However, it is also true that we lack the necessary physical culture to provide us with a quality of life even better.

A lack of comprehensive education, a health system based more on medication than prevention or little regard to the physical education course by the educational system, are just some of the factors driving this mentality that keeps us from attending to the care of ourselves the way it truly deserves. Continue reading “Healthy Living”

Healthy exercise to lose weight

Diet TipsExercise sober ajar escapers On many occasions we have the opportunity to exercise, even when we work, but we refused for convenience. The elevator has made something as simple as climbing stairs is increasingly obsolete, but is shown to change this aspect in our lives is beneficial to our health.

This study was approached by  determined that replacing the elevator for the stairs in a period of three months is improved remarkably fitness. Further concluded that reduces the volume of the waist and the body fat and thereby losing weight. Are attributed to other benefits such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and consequently decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease very common in sedentary people.

The aerobic exercise training as it reduces the risk of death from any cause by 15%, this is the most relevant to this study. The benefits also found improved muscle tone,  buttocks, burn calories and help fight and reverse the fat nodules that cause cellulite. Continue reading “Healthy exercise to lose weight”