Holiday Exercise

Fitness exerciseExercise – that’s what you want to do in the morning after a party the least. But without the light of the complex gymnastics is still not enough: Exercise will increase your metabolism and speed up the burning of calories.

And most importantly – reduce your feelings of guilt. After 10 minutes of exercise you will feel a surge of energy. And after a good exercise to make a quick step 15 minutemen a walk in the fresh air. Oxygen accelerates the burning of calories and fat. Continue reading “Holiday Exercise”

Gymnastics at home diet

Gymnastics, home, dietGym to lose weight at home for the lack of time or money to go to a gym to improve fitness and your figure, no support when you have the opportunity to complete a gymnastics routine diet at home.

Physical activity is essential to complete the diet, understood as a way of ordering food, eating the calories needed and the right proportion of nutrients. In this regard, a gymnastics routine to lose weight at home is the perfect complement.
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Cross Fit: you need to know

What is Cross Fit?
The Cross Fit is a fitness program that combines Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, sprints, ply metric exercises and some other hard to categorize as a rope climb. The workouts are short and intense, and constantly changing.

There is nothing like the tedious sessions, long and monotonous than any regular gym has been doing for most of his adult life. Continue reading “Cross Fit: you need to know”

Gymnastics for a flat stomach

flat ballyA flat stomach is not only a attractive part of the figure – if the abdominal muscles are well developed, they make the waist thinner and thinner thighs. At times it does not have much belly fat women is issue, so it is not for all time overweight. The fact that the shape of the stomach depends on the order of the muscles of the abdominal wall and the breadth of the layer of fat. If the muscles are weak, the stomach will bulge or sag.

For all overweight people, and for the majority women, strength training just needed to get rid of fat. While metabolism is not activated by increasing muscle mass, lose fat is impossible, even if you eat right and do aerobics.
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