Why we do not want to do fitness

FitnessWhy we do not want to do fitness. Top one of the most popular causes that we motivate its rejection of the regular gym. It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on clothes, equipment and membership in a sports club, you needed to engage in physical exercise. Learn information about social clubs. As a member of the club, you get access to sports equipment and exercises under the guidance of a coach for a reasonable price.

What you really do not need to save, so it is for shoes for walking or running. Quality footwear protects feet and helps keep joints healthy. This is a problem faced by many: lack of footpaths and open spaces, as well as health clubs in the vicinity of the house. Continue reading “Why we do not want to do fitness”

Some Common mistakes make in a gym

Diet tipsEating in a poor one. When playing sports your body burns more energy and therefore also asks for more food. It is important to eat something before you exercise and try to do 5 meals a day.

2 Bundle up too much exercise. Many people believe that to sweat more, will lose weight. This is completely wrong. If you sweat excessively dehydrated and our performance we low.

3 Do not follow an exercise routine. You have to have a plan of your workouts. This will train in a balanced and will not fall into over training. Continue reading “Some Common mistakes make in a gym”

Women who go to the gym for restore youth

the gymThe study showed that those over 50, subject to regular gymnastics, swimming or cycling, can once again feel at 30 years old.

The metabolism and cardiovascular system of our participants are, like them for at least 16 years lower we now know that with normal physical exercise can stop the development of a number of chronic age-related chronic diseases.”

Normal exercise lose the risk of breast cancer will be one more reason for women to be involved in active sports – a recent study showed that regular training girls and young women show a lower risk of breast cancer prior to menopause. Continue reading “Women who go to the gym for restore youth”

How to avoid germs at the gym

the gymThe gym can be several things at once: a means to lose weight, to exercise ourselves a place or a space to find friends with common interests and healthy living. But besides all this, a gym can be a center of germs and bacteria.

Without actually becoming paranoid of diseases, it is necessary to protect our health by preventing infections by keeping a few simple rules when entering a gym.
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The most commonly used excuses for not going to the gym you sound?

gymThese are most pronounced excuses to get rid of the gym and practicing physical activity, the dismantle you!

Is clearly demonstrated that the exercise is a basic and necessary activity to keep in shape and take care of our body, it is a very healthy practice and that all doctors recommend doing regularly. We are not telling anything new right? The truth is that the multiple benefits of any physical activity are now, more or less, known worldwide. So why is it so difficult to practice some sport or go to the gym? The phrase “I have to sign up to the gym “is a classic that used to stay in the air , even as often pronounced, the fact is that we never found the time to start such activity.
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Home exercises to lose weight

lose weightThe exercise is ideal to complement your diet to lose weight and so you can improve your quality of life . If you do not have time or money, this does not prevent you to do home exercises to lose weight. The gym to lose weight without going to the gym is very important because you will not only see splendid, but have a healthy life.

Many people today for various reasons are unable to perform physical activity , and this threatens the quality of life.
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Aqua gym – All profits

Aqua gym
The aerobics is recommended to overweight people with orthopedic injuries, with mobility and joint stability in knees.

The aerobics is a type of aquatic fitness exercises which focus on muscle tone, in repetitions and work with different materials, such as weights or balls, among others. In essence, the move is aqua gym into aquatic physical work being done on the ground advantage, though, the possibilities provided by the new medium. It usually takes place in shallow pools (1.50 m to 1.20 m), but can also run on other types of pools. The correct temperature should be between 28 º C and 31 º C. Continue reading “Aqua gym – All profits”

The fire fat burner

Take off the extra kilos incorporating these simple exercises at the end of your training to boost metabolism.


Fat-burning strategy: Weights in four stops.

Instructions: Place four cones with 9 m spacing between them. In the first, do 10 bicep curls. Go to the next and do 10 squats with dumbbells. In the third, do 10 reps bent rowing. Finish with 10 reps of shoulder presses. Continue reading “The fire fat burner”

How to burn more calories?

To lose weight, or to achieve greater muscle definition there must always be a calorie deficit, it is an essential requirement. This can be done in two ways, by eating less or burning more but whatever, must always be present deficit we speak, and if we burn more than we consume simply destined to lose weight, or achieve greater toning.

Here I leave some tips to burn more calories…

In the gym lift heavier
No you have to become the incredible hulk, but slightly challenge you every time you go to training that you stimulate your muscles and burns more calories. Continue reading “How to burn more calories?”

Circuit to protect your joints

Defines the core muscles and avoid injury with this routine demolition.

This circuit restores calm to the large muscle groups, protects you from pain or injury and at the same time, end to exhaust your glycogen stores. For these reasons, you should do when you finish your workout at the gym. What’s more, will help you sculpt a six-pack printing. The finishing touch for your new healthy body.

How do you do? Continue reading “Circuit to protect your joints”