Guidelines for good sleep

In our biological clock likes fixed schedules, so any disturbance causes sleeping difficulties

Experts say it’s best not to good sleep¬†until we dream and, for it to arrive, you should relax a while before.Reading, listening to music or watching television can help overcome the daily stress and prepare for rest. Conversely, stimulating activities like exercise, are not recommended in the last hours of the night. Furthermore, it seems that the popular belief about to take a glass of milk helps you sleep has a scientific basis.

Sleeping, sex, in the case of women, not too advisable if, as usual, there are already difficulties, recently said Eduardo , director of the Sleep Clinic of the Institute Dejesus in Barcelona. During the presentation of a study on sleep habits worldwide, the expert explained that sex is good for the man before sleeping as after reaching orgasm, enters a rapid relaxation phase. Instead, the woman remains stimulated for longer, which may cause difficulties to relax and ¬†good sleep. Continue reading “Guidelines for good sleep”

Guidelines for Lose Weight

diet for weight loss The most important principle in the diet for lose weight not a severe diet and a diet with compatibility mode in your life foods should be at everyday intervals, between-meal snacking easy.

Do not leave without yourself of any lunch or dinner – it’s a slow metabolism. It is enhanced to learn how to choose the right course. The diet be supposed to be whole-grain cereal or whole granule bread, protein foods that are low in fat, fruit, vegetables and fresh greens. Need to give up sugar. Continue reading “Guidelines for Lose Weight”

Guidelines to lose weight in wintry weather

 lose weightDuring the wintry weather we tend to gain weight because we eat meals often very plentiful and very substantial, this is a trouble because they gain weight speedily and all the effort we made for the summer has gone overboard, but do not be troubled in This time we give you a great beauty tips, which will help you lose weight smooth in the winter season.

First of the tricks of diet to lose weight is to eat homemade food, especially vegetable soups, they are not only very nutritious and remove the cold but because they are high in calories, therefore you should eat lunch com vegetable soup three times per week plus you are helping your body detoxify.
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Guidelines for Women Fitness

women fitnessFitness woman? Or are you a fitness woman but would like to be helpful? Here are seven great guidelines on how to become a helpful fitness woman:

1. Get a program that best suit you.

Every fitness woman is different. You may have a surgical history where a program may not be suitable for you. Always consult a qualified trainer to make sure the exercise program will not hurt you. If the training program is not for you, it will only be a cause of frustration and injuries.
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