Why the beer belly is growing?

belly is growingWhy men like women do not drink this foamy drink? Drink, of course, and to be honest, too fat. Fat is stored in the typical woman’s place- the hips, breasts and buttocks. The abdomen is already suffering in the least. But the stronger sex is to get fat belly. Continue reading “Why the beer belly is growing?”

Why growing belly in men?

growing belly in menEvery men may be also associated with hormonal disorders, which are often accompanied by infertility and impotence. Well, or a decrease of sexual power. But not in the case of some hormones. The reason that the stomach is growing, there may be some other disease. Continue reading “Why growing belly in men?”

Why growing belly in women?

Belly shapeIts a very difficult thing about Female body. Every month there are cyclical changes that may culminate in pregnancy and the birth of a new man. Manages the process of the whole army of the endocrine glands, united in the endocrine system.

And while it’s running smoothly, if wound watches, a woman has a beautiful body shape. But we need only one part of the mechanism fail, and the poor lady fall down any adversity, apparently very often manifest obesity. Under what diseases and why growing belly in women?
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