A good diet tips for good health

DietThere are people who have a bad habit of going on a diet without the support and advice of a specialist. Health wise, it is very important to see a doctor to have a personalized diet and adapted to the needs of each. But there are other requirements that are critical when making a good diet to produce effective profits. Six requirements for a active diet

1. First, it can suppress the sugar meals by sweeteners which have an effect on flavor replacement. Saccharin is very positive to use in tea or hot drinks. Continue reading “A good diet tips for good health”

Secrets to keep up good health

good healthHaving a good physical means to perform physical activity, feeling energy and have the strength to feel better. A good level fitness allows a person to enjoy better health than other more sedentary, and reduces the risk of certain diseases.

Having a good health does not mean that a person must be “athlete” because they have a high level of physical, but not necessarily the standard sought in general. A person who used to do brisk walking, perfectly can develop a good fitness level. Keep in mind that making small changes in lifestyle can bring great benefits for those looking for better fitness. Continue reading “Secrets to keep up good health”

Diet for a good health

good healthDiet for a good healthy – it sounds like a fairy tale, does not it? Trying more newfangled diet, every woman knows that a sharp limit of food or any of the individual components somehow make itself felt.
Harm diets
Profit of diets – a good relative concept, because all of the positive features of most of them end with the fact that a woman can lose a few pounds. However, no one diet does not guarantee that the weight will not come back, that positive part is not reduced to zero. Continue reading “Diet for a good health”

Half of overweight men is good health

It says a U.S. study of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The study has been published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine and the results break a handful of clich├ęs and preconceptions: blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels than a third of men and women studied, all of them suffering from obesity were perfectly normal. The funny thing is that, as Judith Wylie-Rosett, director of the study, “normal weight adults suffering from a range of cardio metabolic abnormalities.” Continue reading “Half of overweight men is good health”