The German Diet

weight lossGerman diet is designed for 7 weeks and is one of the most durable. During this period of time, due to the German diet you can get rid of 16-18 pounds overweight. With each subsequent week should eat fewer and fewer calories. Every Monday the seven weeks of the German diet is the toughest – the day only allowed to drink water. Continue reading “The German Diet”

German – 7 week diet

weekly dietA diet is appropriate only to those who have the will power, because the name itself – the German 7 week diet – says that it will adhere to for seven weeks. However, its efficacy is worth it – if you implement all the recommendation, the result will not take long. How many pounds can be reset during this time is straight determined by body mass index – the farther it is from the ideal, the more you may end up losing.

Before we go on a diet, it is advisable to check whether the plan is not for the period of any party, holiday or birthday, because it involves copious meal and alcoholic beverages are prohibited by diet. In the alcohol contains many calories, it improves the appetite, and this during a diet to anything.
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