Want to burn calories while having fun

burn funMusic is life and move to the rhythm of music helps you to let go, to feel your body and also to burn calories!

Dancing is one of the world’s sexiest workouts, improve your cardiac and respiratory functions and helps you lose weight in a fun way. Then, create a playlist with your preferred music, studying the steps we have chosen for you and rock out every morning to get your fill of energy throughout the day. Continue reading “Want to burn calories while having fun”

Fun alternative to stay in shape

Fun alternative to stay in shapeThe flash that often follow diets and fitness workouts that we have to do to tone up and lose weight, a day of rest is a must. But the good news is that in our day-free diet and fitness you can gain the same benefits with just a simple laugh.

Laughing to lose weight

The studies carried out by Argue that laugh often has on our body, effects similar to those of a moderate fitness session. Not to mention that laughter improves mood as well as the immune system reduces blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have discovered that laughter can be a good exercise for the heart. Their research suggests that 15 minutes of laughter a day helps blood vessels to function better and has health benefits similar to a workout at the gym. Continue reading “Fun alternative to stay in shape”

33 Fun Ways to Exercise

It is common for us to hear “exercise” think tedious routines and countless hours in the gym, but this need not be so (unless you love to run and the feeling you feel after lifting weights, like me !).

There are many ways to exercise while having fun. Here I leave a list of 33 different activities you can use to make exercising more fun. Continue reading “33 Fun Ways to Exercise”