Foods that accelerate your metabolism

Part of a healthy weight and a fit body metabolism is a constant and caring, and part of That Can Be Achieved metabolism effortlessly with what you eat.

There are many foods and drinks That can put your metabolism into fat burning mode and Accelerate the burning of calories.

Here are some foods and drinks that can serve for this purpose…

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When you eat, stay seated

Eating with the rear seat rested on eating fewer calories helps!

The next time you go to throw you something in your mouth, sit down first and will reduce the chances of get like a barrel in the future. People who eat according to traditional patterns ingest fewer calories at their next meal than those who eat standing, according to a Canadian study. Researchers served 64 adults identical portions of soup, a sandwich, a piece of fruit and a yogurt. Half of the participants ate sitting at a table with tablecloth, while the other half did standing at a bar.

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Lose weight daily

You can get most of your time. And, incidentally, activate your metabolism, burn calories and reduce belly every minute for 24 hours a day. Pay attention to the following tips.


Start the day with two minutes of sit-ups or crunches. Exercise oxygenates the brain, stretching mornings.


Scrambled egg breakfast and a tuna sandwich. A 2009 study conducted by Purdue University (Indiana, USA) has just unveiled a protein breakfast make you feel more satiated get during the day, so you have less chance of overeating.

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Dinner strong slim line night more

Research carried out in the U.S. has dismantled one of the most persistent myths. For example, the dinners in favor abundant greater weight gain than large meals made at other times of day.

After reviewing several studies, Rachel Vreeman and Aaron Carroll, pediatricians and teachers of the Medical School of Indiana (USA), conclude that what actually causes weight gain is the total number of calories you eat throughout of days, rather than hours is made intake.

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8 foods for weight loss

To lose weight is not necessary to follow a strict diet of celery and cabbage soup. Recent research confirms that these eight appetizing foods can enter your shopping list.

  • 1. Grenada

Is the iPhone the fruit basket: have lots of applications? According to a study by the University Of Houston (USA), pomegranate seed oil reduces the body’s ability to store fat. In addition, this fruit contains antioxidants that prevent the formation of fatty deposits in the arteries. Also combine perfectly with the lettuce, but maybe you’re not ready yet for that particular application.

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Top ten ways to get you more than ten kilos

These are the ways that all together and sustained over time will give you ten kilos less, guaranteed. No sale is no promotion and not has to buy anything, just to get them all together and the result will be that you will achieve weight loss, sounds promising right? Let’s see…

  • Basis will not only cardio. The cardio is key as fat burning activity and should be a component present within your weight loss program, but your diet is also essential so a calorie deficit must always be present, although this should be minimal.

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9 reasons why you’re not losing weight

No introductions here are some reasons why you are not losing weight.

  1. You think you eat healthy, but you do not
    If your table is a soda for lunch then you are not eating healthy. If you eat white bread you’re eating healthy. If you eat sugar either and if you eat a lot of white flour either. What is healthy eating? You eat real food, eating fruits, eating vegetables, eating grains, meat, fish, dairy, poultry, and eat whole foods that are in as natural a state as possible.

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Everything good that can give you a plum

How hard can it be grabbing a plum of fruit every day and get better nutrition? Eating healthy is extremely easy; you just need the will and the willingness to try other foods that do not usually eat.

Well, between that new and healthy you can try include plums, this small fruit the size of a ball that fits in the palm of the hand and comes in variety of colors (red, yellow and violet). If you need an extra kick of energy and good nutrition, then this fruit will help you spend your days feeling much better

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Foods that reason cellulite

DietHelpful for our food and stay forever young and beautiful is a very not easy task, but we also know that our health depends much of what we eat, one of the easiest ways to stay young and healthy is always vital to eat fruits and vegetables as well as avoid certain foods that will not only hurt our health, but also our beauty, this time we will give some beauty diet tips, which help you let alone some foods that cause cellulite.

One of the most vital meals we need to avoid are those rich in salt, this flavor not only causes more heart illness but also makes us retain fluids and fat makes us that way when there is cellulite and stretch marks on our skin, and our stomach is engorged, so it is important to avoid this condiment as well as food that is high in fat and salt.

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Foods to reduce anxiety

Food has powerful components that can affect our brain. Therefore, we can say that what cameos is related to how we feel.

For example, vitamin D is one of the ingredients that help improve our mood. In addition, this is because vitamin D is involved in the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that governs depression.

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