Summer Fitness Tips

SlimAfter summer comes, many people don’t like to exercise, because the temperature rises, they will experience fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness during exercise. In fact, proper exercise in summer is conducive to physical and mental stretch and health.

When the temperature rises, people’s heartbeat will be faster for the same exercise intensity. When people are used to staying in air-conditioned rooms and getting used to walking by car, the sweat glands, skin, and heart’s ability to tolerate heat will decrease. Such people need to strengthen their exercise to enhance their tolerance to heat. Continue reading “Summer Fitness Tips”

Fitness Tips after 50 years old

Fitness Tips for olderThe energy necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the body is gradually reduced from 50 years old. The body composition changes and metabolic needs are reduced, being necessary to adjust the calorie consumption to energy expenditure.

At these ages many men have already accumulated visceral fat in the abdomen area. This type of fat results in an increase in cardiovascular risk. The good thing is that it is the first thing that responds with a nutritional change and physical exercise. Continue reading “Fitness Tips after 50 years old”

Fitness Tips of the week

Heath TipsPhysical activity is one of the recommendations to stay fit and healthy, a habit of life that every day more people incorporate into your day to day with the intention of achieving physical and mental well being.

This widespread idea has the support of countless studies and research on the subject, as one recently conducted by the National Sports University in Taiwan which claims that fifteen minutes a day of physical activity can reduce up to 14% risk of death, further increasing the life expectancy of three years.

Continue reading “Fitness Tips of the week”