Lose weight if you are Man

lose weightAlthough women are more susceptible to the issue of obesity because of the havoc caused in their appearance, the men are not exempt, less in what refers to health. Therefore, we present you 5 indicators that you should lose weight.

1. Your sex life is not the same. According to the Institute of medicine Sexual Spain, overweight men have twice the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Apart that are 25 times more likely to suffer sexual problems. Continue reading “Lose weight if you are Man”

Is your body ready to run?

With each stride, a weight equivalent to five times yours falls on your feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine. Are you ready to take it?
If your muscles are not strong enough, you run the risk of injury. Do these exercises three days a week to reinforce the weakest points.

Gain: Flexibility in ankles Continue reading “Is your body ready to run?”

10 Painless ways to Weight Lose 100 calories

Weight loss 1. Walk one mile. For every mile you burn 100 calories walking. The faster you burn more calories.

2. Use an exercise ball instead of  office and burn an extra 50 calories per hour sitting there!

3. In the gym 15 minutes: 5 minute walk uphill on the treadmill, weight 2 minutes and 5 minutes of interval training. Continue reading “10 Painless ways to Weight Lose 100 calories”