How to cook and prepare to burn fat algae

weightTake advantage of its slimming

Algae are plants that grow in the water and have many properties to burn fat. But to get more out of them is important to know how to cook and prepare. Fat Burning Foods are considered algae. These vegetables contain a high content of iodine, a mineral that stimulates the thyroid gland and increases fat metabolism.

Algae are plants that grow in the water and have many properties to burn fat. But to get more out of them is important to know how to cook and prepare.

Foods considered fat burners are algae. These vegetables contain a high content of iodine, a mineral that stimulates the thyroid gland and increases fat metabolism.

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Substitute sugar for stevia coffee

dietSmall changes with big results: Tool to calculate

Maybe underestimate these teaspoons of sugar, coffee after coffee, add to your calories you consume daily. However, you will be surprised how many kilos representing over a year. Do not believe me. Well then, I calculable with the tool you’ll find at the bottom of this article. It is much more than you imagine. I assure you


It all adds up when it comes to weight loss. If you do not believe it is likely that also stores deception, with the calories you consume daily. The result is immediate when you get on the scale and check that the needle where you expect, but several kilos above do not stop there.

However, there are many small things you can do to get closer to your goal without sacrifice. Replace sugar in your coffee stevia is one of them.

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How does tea consumption on metabolism

fat3 Natural ingredients that burn fat

Tea is one of the most worldwide known ancient drinks. While this drink may help you lose weight is interesting that you know the three natural components that act on fat metabolism accelerating. If you want to know how, do not miss this article.


Due to the growth of obesity in the world scientists conduct studies on different natural products to see how can help you lose those extra kilos.One such product is tea; an ancient drink that contains 3 essential compounds that act on fat metabolism.

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Erythritol sweetener helps you replace sugar

fatAlternative that avoids the downside of adding sugar flavor

Obesity and diabetes are two complications that can go hand in hand, and where necessary replace sugar to avoid adding empty calories to the body. For this, the sweeteners are alternatives which can avoid the downside of adding sugar flavor, such as erythritol

Different alternative sweetener market. You can find artificial sweeteners such as saccharin or sodium cyclamate and natural sweeteners like stevia.In addition to these sweeteners are best known to exist that begin named, such as erythritol.

What is Erythritol?

It is polio that occurs naturally in fruits and fermented foods. This substance was first identified in 1848 by a chemical known by the name of J. Stannous.

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Warm salad of roasted beets

dietAre you a fan all beets? For then you will not have to miss this fabulous recipe. It is roasted beets, which is then prepared in a delicious warm salad that is quite light and it will be perfect for your diet. An unforgettable dish.


Without any doubt, beets are a vegetable that should not be missing in your diet. It is good for the liver, is detox, has fiber, is diuretic and provides unique nutrients. You can boil it, you can grate it and take it raw or you can also try grilling, which is frankly delicious.

Once touched me in a restaurant to try a dish of roasted beets and it was fabulous. And so it was decided to adapt this preparation into a rich warm, perfect salad as the main course and light, it has everything and everything is healthy integrates by others. Do not let go of the proposed steps!

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Tricks to increase satiety of meals

fatControls the amount and quality of what you eat

When you can not stop the cravings is important to implement some tricks to increase satiety to meals. This way you not only will control the amount of food you eat, but also the superiority.


The urge to eat is one of the biggest problems that you can find the time to go on a diet. Whilst it is important to find the real causes of this anxiety, in parallel have to hand some tricks to increase the fullness of your meals and help you reduce hunger healthy and light way.

5 ways to control what you eat and not be hungry

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Fat for pleasure

dietContrary disorder anorexia

Much is known about anorexia, but knows that many people suffer from a condition known as Feeders, which aims to get pleasure fatter.

For many health professionals the feeders are an eating disorder, in which eroticism and pleasure plays a very important role. In fact, feeders what is also known by the name of erotic weight gain?

In order for the feederism two people are needed:

The feeder or feeder. It is the person who provides food for the other person fattening. You can not only fulfill the role of providing food, but also to encourage or promote the other eat in order to gain weight. Overall this role is fulfilled man.

The feede or Fed. It is the person you want to fatten for pleasure, it is generally women. Unlike anorexia feede find the excessive weight gain.

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A series of very interesting tips to keep the line

dietIt is very common for days after the holidays are days of mourning. And not only because you have to go back to school or work, but because you realize you’ve eaten more and it’s time to go reversing that situation. Follow the advice of Susana Dakidissa you can get.


Although it is usual before the start of the summer holidays many people start the bikini operation, as is normal. During this time climb some weight the reasons are obvious: if you practiced before exercise normally with the arrival of the holiday is usually lost this habit. If you followed a balanced diet during the holidays is normal eating other product and food.

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Green tea diet

fatMany people wonder if drinking hot or cold green tea creates a difference when it comes to losing weight. Want to know what’s the answer? You have but to read this note to find out more about this interesting subject.

Green tea

We are in the summer and that obviously makes one more decline when drinking a rich green tea. Is, of course, with high temperatures many people go to drink something hot. And many think that this amazing thermogenic infusion may lose their property if they drink it cold.

We split, since there are two versions. There are theories that suggest that drinking hot liquids helps burn fat. Others, meanwhile, speak cold drinks force the body to expend energy to match the temperature of the body.

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Tips and exercises to reduce belly

fatDue to hormonal reasons, women tend to accumulate fat and liquids more easily in the belly region.It is noteworthy that the belly is made up of three muscles that overlap each other as the leaves of a lettuce or onion.

Like any muscle, needs exercise to stay fit and also to burn fat deposits that may exist in the area. Hence, sedentary women with physical radioactivity tend to have a more prominent belly.

Besides the lack of exercise, can gain more belly formed by an accumulation of gas, constipation, retention before menstruation liquids, etc.   Hence the need to combat these factors.

There are exercises and other tips to help reduce the volume of the stomach to strengthen the abdominal muscles and prevent fluid retention or accumulation of fat in that area of the body.  Below are some of them:

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