How fast weight loss

fatThe localized fat in our body there did not appear overnight, but are the result of months or years of an unbalanced diet and sedentary lifestyle. In several suitcases, dysfunctions of the body, such as disease, may be related to over weight. Losing weight without starving is possible yes, follow our bill of fare and notice how to get.

The fact is that we are always looking for a way to fast weight loss, even when we know that linger a while to put on weight. Weight loss fast with health is not as easy as many reflect; nevertheless, it is not impossible.

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An effective treatment for red and white stripes

dietOne day you stand before the mirror and. They are there! They arrive unannounced and settle, taking over your skin. Ugly is little, stretch characters look horrible and nothing you do to conceal them or fight them seem to work. Is it effective radio frequency treatment to remove stretch marks you were expecting?

First of all, relax! It is nice to see your skin turned into graffiti without art or part, but accept it! They are already there and will stay there forever if you do nothing to combat them. They are the hated stretch marks.

A broken reality

Product of successive stretching and shrinkage, stretch marks love your skin, especially if you’re female. They respond to hormonal changes every month, you inflate and deflate like a balloon. However, the spines are given the great feast on the day you become pregnant. Your tummy will be chosen and your breasts after breastfeeding, but thighs and buttocks are not secure either.

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Effects of Radiofrequency against orange peel

dietOrange peel

You may wonder if there is a before and after radiofrequency body, as far as the treatment of cellulite is concerned. Surely heat generation subcutaneously beneficially affects against fatty deposits characteristic of orange peel. However, what is the true extent of cellulite treatment with radiofrequency, what are its advantages and potential adverse things?

What is cellulite?

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Exercise and Fitness

dietPositive value of exercise in the slenderness of the body of old man.Reduces feelings of fatigue, decreased levels of cholesterol and strengthens the ability to dissolve blood clots that can lead to thrombosis. It is also highly effective in psychological disorders associated with emotions depression.

It releases endorphin, secretions similar to morphine, produced by the brain; dampen pain endorphin in body plan and facilitate feelings of pleasure and even euphoria.

Exercise is a factor of longevity that helps improve the quality of life in old age.To improve the cardie-respiratory system is recommended aerobic exercise. For strengthening joints and muscles, is prescribed the calisthenics and more advanced mode for increased strength exercises and weight machines. For a good exercise is not recommended more than 20 minutes the first few weeks. As the body makes it a habit to exercise, you can go adding more exercise time.

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Save on restaurants and buy an elliptical

fatPlans and estimates how much time you will require to purchase your elliptical, rather than eating out.Do you frequently Comes out of your house? ¬†How much do you spend per day in restaurants? Do you have calculated? Although it may not seem like much, perhaps later this month represents a substantial sum of money. Enough to buy the elliptical pretty with you dream, since you’ve seen the commercials. Why not, you would like to find out? Well then query the tool found at the bottom of this article.


I know you’re a thousand with your activities! Unable to go to the gym. The solution is to train at home. But … with the times, it is not easy to have the money necessary to equip, for example, an elliptical bike the most complete.

While you can get an elliptical used in acceptable condition, at a good price, you probably want a new and different functions. Obviously, a good elliptical may be a large outlay of money. This is often one of the excuses for Never start your training.

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Good tips to shape your hips

fatWithout any doubt, the lower body is often one of the most complicated when toning and shaping. And the hips are a rebellious area promptly. For this reason, work it so localized with some exercises and lots of activity can be crucial to look like it should.

Women often complain of increased volume at the hips. This part of the female body is usually a natural deposit of fat. The hips are considered one of the most sensual parts of the female anatomy, but also often a place where fat easily accumulates when enough exercise is made, or when you eat a lot and bad.

Want to put your hips about? First, you must combine localized exercises with aerobic exercises. The latter are those that will help you lose fat and reduce the hip measurement; while the localized help you tighten and tone the area. So ideal routine is a combination of both, several times per week.

As always, diet is as important as physical exercise. You must combine a diet as healthy as possible, low in saturated fat and free fast food, with training sessions focused on burning calories and fat; in addition to toning exercises that facilitate this area, as I said before.

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How many hours must train to lose a kilo of fat

dietA useful tool to plan your training tool and achieve your goals.

Weight loss is not only the result of eating fewer calories. If you burn enough to lose weight, the scale will compensate you. However, for that to happen you need to get moving. How long must move to achieve the expected results? It will depend on the type of activity that you make, and your body size. If you want to find out, this tool will tell you how many hours must train to lose a kilo of fat.


Perhaps you are of those who often look in the mirror and think, Monday beginning the diet. While it is an intelligent purpose when it comes to losing fat, you should know that diet is not everything.

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What are saturated fats

dietLipids that favor the formation of adipose tissue

Fat intake is necessary to maintain a healthy balance of the body. But we must keep in mind that not all fats are equal, such as saturated fats. These are specialized fats to promote the formation of adipose tissue.

Fats are essential for nerve impulse transmission, to protect organs such as heart, kidney, brain, etc. Moreover, produce energy.

There are different types of fats, in which saturated fats, found may negatively influence the weight and own certain complications of obesity, such as cholesterol, hyperglycemia and cardiovascular disease.

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Burning fat for energy faster

dietWhen you want to lose weight one of the goals is to increase metabolic tempo, if you make it start ablaze fat for energy more quickly. But to achieve this we need to know what foods you should avoid in your diet.

When you eat, some of the calories from different nutrients are used to maintain the basal metabolic rate, the rest and differentiate how nutrient in question can be converted into fat and deposited in the adipose tissue. This process can induce weight gain.

To put off this from happening it is key to increase the metabolic rate, and for that you know what foods you should avoid in your diet.

What foods you should avoid to increase your metabolic rate?

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Tricks to treat constipation and cleanse the body

dietWaste accumulation and obesity

The constipation is a condition that may be associated with obesity, and that food is not the proper and usual physical inactivity. So if this is your situation you can draw on these five tricks that will help purify the body and regulate intestinal transit.

There are many causes that can trigger constipation or constipation and obesity is one of them. Another disease associated with this condition is hypothyroidism.

Although here are medical treatment that can regulate the intestinal transit, with some natural tricks you can do just need to have patience and perseverance.

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