The horse obesity condition merits

weightObesity to fitness is used to feed the design of energy intake adequacy indicator, because the energy is all the nutrients it needs a horse’s individual characteristics would be most affected. These include. Feed conversion efficiency gender, and overall activity nature, reactivity, the impact of which can be up to ± 20% of the class.

As a result, the horse can lose weight or gain weight, even if the energy would be just feeding recommendations. Horse’s suitability for the feeding of energy supply is expected, therefore, the final condition of the horse obesity, and by following it regularly. When the horse obesity condition is monitored on a regular basis, you can change to address access to energy.

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Exercise tips

weightRegardless of your fitness level, you can effortlessly start from scratch to run 20 minutes continuously at 10 weeks.  The following course, adapted from the New York Road Runners Club, does faithfully that and is an example of a strategy ten weeks run / walk, aimed at beginners with good health.

You can do it; all that is required on your part is a commitment to go jogging 3 and preferably 5 times a week.  Depending on the frequency with which it is executed, try leaving one day of rest connecting races.  For example, if you are running 4 times a week, do not run the 4 consecutive days.

Warm up before you start, including a 5-10 minute brisk walk and breaks 5-10 minute slow walk. Run at a moderate pace, between 60-70% of maximum heart rate and brisk walking during hike phases. You must be able to pass the talk test.

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How to lose fat and gain muscle

fatBurn fat and build muscle

Most people who go to a gym indicate this by two generic goals, lose fat or to gain muscle, but is this possible?

Anyone who comes to a gym should know and be clear that to gain muscle takes time, and are not short periods of time, so you must know that this is a year and not months let alone a few days.We will explain how muscle is gained and then as losing fat.

As you gain muscle

To gain muscle you need to enlarge the calories consumed in the body, so that at all times be sufficient to conduct training of good quality energy, and after these the body can recover better considering glycogen recharged body.

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Food Tips to gain muscle mass

dietA couple of months we get a list of 10 tips to burn fat that were very successful and that the vast majority of veronica seemed a good post, this time we will now create a similar entry, but with 10 tips eating to gain muscle mass .

Mainly food tricks to gain muscle mass and tricks to burn fat can be very similar as some recommended guidelines for defining valid for the volume, since although changing diet is the amount of carbohydrates .

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The laser is an additional weapon

fatThe laser is still a relatively new technology in France, which remove overload fat localized and simultaneously improves sagging skin. Introduced under the skin, it destroys the fat cells directly. Update on this local treatment with Dr. Catherine Gorse.

What is the principle of laser hypodermic?

Dr Catherine Gorse: The laser job is recent in France but it is used for ten years abroad. Hypodermic means that we will intervene directly on fat. It plays a very fine incision to inject a liquid anesthetic, on the one hand, and then to introduce a second needle through which passes an optical fiber laser. This will inject photons which go directly destroy the wall of fat cells. Their lipid happy is discharged and is then eliminated naturally by the macro phages, specialized blood cells in the elimination of damaged cells.

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How less snacking

fatTo keep the line of course

Indeed, cravings and other snacks between meals are one of the major pitfalls that make us fat. Mostly fatty and sugary, foods that are chipping away outside the main meals do not provide valuable nutrients for our body. They are empty, useless calories, which straight away provisions and moreover, does not satiate us!

To preserve a healthy weight or even lose some, snacking should therefore remain exceptional.I focus on what I eat.

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Obesity and Overweight

dietAccording to the WTO obesity and overweight is an excessive accumulation of fat in the body that can be harmful to health.Obesity and overweight are the fifth factor of death in the world, each year 2.8 million people die because of obesity or overweight.In 2010 approximately 40 million children under five years were overweight, over the years this to grown.

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Basic tips for healthy eating

fatNot by a thousand times is less certain: the inclusion of fruit and vegetables in the diet is essential for healthy power receptacle.Surely many of the points of the Decalogue we proposed the Spanish Society of Family Medicine in order to achieve a healthier diet do not sound new.

But if the method  is well known, why it costs so much effort sometimes implement it? Eating a balanced diet is essential not only to guard the line but, more importantly, for a healthy body including the brain and cognitive development.

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Effects on the Mind and Cognitive Function

fatIn a review in 2008 of fortification strategies to slow or reverse cognitive decline concluded that physical activity and aerobic exercise in particular, improve cognitive meaning in older adults.

Regular practice of an exercise program creates new neural networks and cognitive improvement by increasing synaptic plasticity, brain metabolism and blood circulation functions. Improved intellectual ability and academic performance in children and adolescents. In experiments with mice, exercise promotes cognitive function through the development of hippo campus dependent spatial learning and enhancing synaptic plasticity and neurosis.

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