Incredible and complete metabolic breakfast

weightA metabolic breakfast is one that gives us enough to put our bodies in tune every morning energy, and that the type of calories used are of sufficient quality to use them and not become fat .

The following examples of metabolic breakfasts that we provide you are relatively simple to perform and have ingredients that are expensive. This does, it is a perfect place for those and those that do not be a / as handyman in cooking dish.

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The best ways to lose fat

fatMany of us we aim to lose fat and look better aesthetically, especially now that summer is approaching. It may be that we have found a system that helps us to lose fat in antiquity, but are you sure it could not be better? In this article, we are going to give five ways in which we can optimize the process of losing fat.

Lose fat – not just a matter of calories

Yes, it is true that eating fewer calories will help you lose body fat, but you can actually make better progress if we choose foods macronutrient profile that suits our needs. Continue reading “The best ways to lose fat”

Salsa protein with few calories

dietCarbohydrates are an output that is usually taken when we want to paste a whim, and if the types of carbohydrates you choose are covered with some kind of sauce. Not everything is in the selection of crabs, since there is has the same contribution oats a palm of chocolate.

But besides that, you also can find certain types of food that a priori may appear to be of dubious quality and are more nutritionally complete than we can think. Not only that, it can also be a matter of applying an adequate amount of that ingredient, without abuse. Continue reading “Salsa protein with few calories”

Surprising ways to get abs

fatYou have been working hard, pounding your muscles to make them grow, and being faithful to a particular meal plan to reduce fat corpora l. Even just to get abs, you have stopped going out with friends to avoid not eating healthy and that this could hinder achieving your objects.

But even so you are able to get abs. What is happening? It could be that your body is retaining water. Yes, the subcutaneous fluid stored in our cells, is causing our skin to have an inflated appearance, and ultimately, to cover any possibility of taking abs. Continue reading “Surprising ways to get abs”

How to improve metabolism

dietEgg proteins are rich in amino acids which increase your metabolism. In addition, eggs contain protein and vitamin D, so be sure to include them in your menu.

Lean meat is rich in iron, lack of which can slow down your metabolism. So regularly lean on lean meats and foods containing iron.


If your body is dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down. Experts recommend drinking cool water, causing the body to use more calories to keep warm.

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What to drink

dietLack of water slows down the fat burning. However, not all drinks will go to benefit the cause.

Drink green tea

Green tea, unlike black, contains more specific compounds. They effectively block those enzymes that prevent fat burning. For this reason, the green tea extracts part of all modern additives fat loss. In extracts fat-burning is not an example of the compounds is greater than green tea cup. However, green tea is much more useful than plain water. Take it to the gym chilled. Continue reading “What to drink”

How to remove belly fat

dietNutritionist Natalia Mihneva gastroenterologist told how to be girls who do not lose weight, but begins to form tummy.

How to remove belly fat: Council nutritionist

What do girls who do not lose weight, but begins to form tummy. How to change the diet to get rid of this problem?

First, do not panic, and gradually change the diet. Exclude from the diet of simple carbohydrates sweets, white bread, flour products, Quick-cooking cereals, potatoes, eat food 3 times a day, in any case not to let yourself favorite cereal in the morning on the water buckwheat, wheat, oat and others. Continue reading “How to remove belly fat”

Exercise while watching TV

fatThere is no doubt that people want healthy and beautiful body. But sometimes having a gym membership is just too much money. And to add to that, the lack of time to exercise means that it is a complete waste of money. But hanging out on the chesterfield watching Idiot Box does not mean that you have to be a bummer.

The average person comes home at the end of the day, eat their food, and turns on the TV. When you are watching TV, it is often tempting to reach for a bag of chips or nankeens. It labels Couch Potato. Watching TV can be one of the worst things for your body. But it should not be. There are many simple but effective exercises you can do in front of the TV. Here are a few to get you started: Continue reading “Exercise while watching TV”

The cause of excess weight

dietTen-year research dietitians were not in vain. Science allows us to not only determine how different foods affect health, but also to study their property on the body in more detail, namely, at the molecular level.

For the normal functioning of all major organ systems and man our body needs sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals – not only of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Today, many foods are composed of fat and believe that fat is applied to the body only harm is wrong. They complete a variety of functions, is an brilliant source of energy, protecting the body from hypothermia, damage to internal and external bodies. Continue reading “The cause of excess weight”

Fruits that burn fat

dietLose three or four kilos it is sometimes very difficult. However, the method by which this can be achieved there. It is necessary in the diet instead of bread and sugary foods to introduce fruit, burn fat.

First of all, it’s pineapple. In Pineapple contains brome lain enzyme complex. Due to this, the human body is carried out intensive splitting proteins and fats. But do not eat the outgrowth of the pineapple overweight. In Pineapple contains a lot of acid, and with abundant fruit can be used to break the intestinal micro flora. Two or three slices of pineapple instead of sweets for dessert a great option. Continue reading “Fruits that burn fat”