Fast Diet vs balanced diet

diet• The quick diet, as well as its name suggests, provides you eliminate many kilos in a short time at the expense of caloric restriction (about 800 calories) and nutrients (protein diets, photogenic diets, among others). Although their results are fast, it is also rapid weight gain finished diet. Besides, it may occasionally produce side effects such as metabolic diseases.
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Fast diet for women

Fast dietMay be every women do not like or do not exercise. Therefore it is necessary to get slim fast diet effective for sedentary women can lose weight without much sacrifice.• Breakfast: a glass of skimmed milk with coffee or tea. Two slices of bread with a slice of low-fat cheese.
Day 1 of the quick diet
• Breakfast: a glass of skimmed milk with coffee or tea. Two slices of bread with a slice of low-fat cheese.
• Mid-morning: a handful of unsalted peanuts.
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Fast weight lose: You must maintain a balanced diet

Weight LoseFoods that you eat and others who must eliminate from your diet. Remember, diet is not equivalent to not eating. You should thoroughly investigate what kind of diet is best for you.
Each person, according to their needs and medical history may need a different diet. However, there are aspects that are common to anyone who wants to lose weight, the need to reduce sugar from your diet.
The problem with sugar is that it is a highly processed food. Although their origin is natural, in the moment in which consume is filled with chemicals that are used during processing. Unhealthy, to say the least.
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Lose weight fast diet fruit

Fast Diet FruitDo you want to lose weight fast, quick fruit diet can help you lose those extra pounds. This diet is only one day a week where you eat:

• Waking: Drink only diluted lemon juice in 1 cup warm water.

• At 10:00 am: Consume approximately 200 grams of fruits in season

• At 11:00 am: Drink the juice of an orange.
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Weight lose cheese and melon

Weight lose, cheese and melonThe Weight lose of cheese and melon is a fast diet to lose weight is only one day a week.
The menu of the diet of cheese and melon is as follows:
• Breakfast

The mixture of juice of 1 lemon with 1 cup hot water 1/2 cantaloupe, 100 g of Swiss cheese or other hard cheese, coffee without milk or sugar.
• Mid Morning
100 g cream cheese, black coffee or tea with lemon.
• Food
1/2 cantaloupe and 200 g cream cheese. It can be taken separately the dry or prepare a salad. Simply cut the melon and cheese into small pieces and sprinkle them with a sauce made with 1 teaspoon of oil regime, chopped onion, 2 teaspoons of vinegar, a little mustard, 2 teaspoons lemon juice and a little black pepper.
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