Exercise reduces risk of cancer in women

cancer in womenWomen who daily exercises that make you sweat are at 30% lower risk of detrimental cancer, concludes a new study.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute analyzed 14 previous studies England and found that physical activity reduces the risk of this variety of cancer by 20% to 40% compared with sedentary women. The study is published online in the British Journal of Cancer. It was funded by the National Cancer Institute.

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What should I exercise in my age?

fitnessAge appropriate exercise is a source of health and physical and mental wellbeing. Conduct a sport is essential to keep fit as possible avoiding disease and dysfunction in our bodies. Want to know what is the best you doing?

A balanced diet and some exercise are the best prescription for healthy living. From a simple walk to higher impact sports such as tennis, basketball, paddle tennis, jogging, etc … any sport and aerobic exercise involves putting “up” our hearts, increase the speed of blood circulation and make muscles work setting in motion the various joints.

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12 Tips to improve your exercise routine!

exercise The first step in improving our health is finding time to do some exercise. Doing the same workout repeatedly can get burn extra kilos but is unlikely to see improvements in a short time.
Here we suggest some ways to maximize your workout:-

1. Be consistent:
It is important to keep the same time devoted to training and exercise. Studies have shown that 60 minutes of exercise are best. So we can make at least 30 minutes of exercise at first to experience the benefits and the benefit of weight loss. Then we can slowly increase the training time to reach the goal.

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Exercise Tips for Women

 Tips for WomenExercise more often and more effectively, speed up your metabolism and trigger your sense of security and self-esteem, plus you can lose weight without drawbacks.

Exercise Tip one. While for many women the best time to exercise is the morning, others believe that the evening is ideal. Put simply and directly, the best time for exercise is the time that you feel better yourself.

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Strict diet or a diet routine?

People often think now I’m going to a strict diet, so soon I’ll be in shape! This kind of thinking unfortunately is determined by an all-or-nothing thinking, that even a minor infraction (such as eating a cookie at the most), it triggers deep feelings of guilt and can lead to loss of control and buffaloes.
Who makes a strict diet usually has a habit of:
skip meals reduce the amount eliminate certain foods. This inevitably leads to weight regain through the following 3 phases:
1 – The initial phase: the honeymoon, 2 – an advanced stage: the neurosis semi fasting 3 – the final stage. (In this post we shall refer to the first phase and will leave other two post deepen the other two phases).
Initial phase 1: the honeymoon

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Lose weight with the exercise of the mirror loving

What are we willing to lose weight despite all this we know well, but is it true?
Today I want to test you, and I’ll do it seriously.
For announcement that if you really want to lose weight and you’re not only fooling yourself, you must commit yourself to doing this exercise.
It will not be easy, not least the first time, however, can become a valuable aid to your weight loss.
Why is it called mirror loving exercise?
Because it takes a mirror and it takes a lot of love.
The goal is to associate a subconscious level, our image, feelings of pleasure and love.

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Good exercise routine is key

exerciseGood workout in the gym is essential to note the differences as they pass the training days. The ideal is to have a routine consisting of three days. On the first day of the routine will train chest and biceps. The second back and shoulders, and the third triceps and legs. Doing crunches once a week and run on tape a couple of them.

To train each muscle should do ten reps with the right weight to your strength, four times. By exercising, resting, and making it do so to meet four times.

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Lose fat faster on the bike

Just a few simple tricks to maximize the time spent riding.

    Leave the car in the garage and take the opportunity to get some exercise.
    Pedalees not always at the same speed. Rate increases (up to 110 pedaling per minute) during 2 minutes.
    Do not put it too easy. Down a couple of pine nuts (keeping the cadence). Hold at least 1 minute.
    I do not hold back the mountains! Lift the rear seat, supports the weight on the leg straight and pull the handle on that side. So also work the upper body.

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Exercise essential in any diet

dietsA healthy lifestyle sport on a regular basis for at least 30 minutes a day, and regulate the food we eat, this energy should not be stored in large quantities.

However, certain deposits of fat that are resistant to diet, and in terms of aesthetics are pretty annoying, this is where help is needed the diet with physical exercise, and do not forget to drink water before, during and after routines.

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Tips to lose weight and feel good about

If you exercise and eat to have better physical health,  lose weight and have end up seeing and feeling of wonder every day. Good health and appearance will always be a direct consequence of the way you eat and exercise .
These are the tips so that you achieve a healthy weight and a better body if you are also looking for this.
– Just get up drink a glass of water with a squeezed lemon. Then drink water throughout the day.
– Drink lots of green tea and anything other than water or juice squeezed just do not drink.
– Never eat sugar
– Say goodbye to white pasta and white bread
– Eat whole foods
– Eat all the vegetables you can think of
– Limit / eliminate the bad carbs (just potato chips, cookies Enough, enough of pastries and junk food obviously enough)
– Get your protein from lean sources.
– Walk for 45 minutes to an hour every day

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