Tips to resume your exercise routine

dietResume your routine exercise after being long without physical activity , is very healthy. However, doing so abruptly can be dangerous and cause injuries. A common mistake is to try to do the same routine from day to exercise and it is not convenient.

Salud180 tells you some considerations you should take into account not hurt and return to exercise after a long time.

1. The body needs time to adapt to exercise, in addition to the muscles and bones become stronger, gain tone and flexibility. It is therefore important to start gradually without push yourself too much, especially if you had an injury.

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How do I start an exercise program

weight loseFirst, talk to your GP. This is especially important if you have not been active, if you have any health problems, if you are pregnant or if you are elderly.

What kind of exercise should I do?

The best type of exercise is that you do regularly, so choose activities you enjoy. Physical activities that increase your heart rate and move large muscles are good choices. Walking is a admired choice and does not need special equipment except suitable shoes. Other good choices include swimming, bicycling, jogging and dancing.Exercising with a friend or comparative can make it more fun and having a partner that can help motivate you to stay on target.

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What is resistance training

exerciseMost exercise classes will help your heart and other muscles. Resistance training is exercise that build up the strength and endurance of large muscle groups. Also known as resistance training or weight training. Weight lifting is an example of this type of exercise. The exercise machines can provide resistance training. Push-ups, crunches and squats are also exercises resistance training.

Your doctor or a trainer at a gym can give you more information about exercising with weights or machines safely. If you have high blood pressure or other health problems, be sure to talk with your doctor before you start resistance training.

Stretching for heating or cooling

When performing any of the stretches as portray above, consider the following:

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Fitness Tips for Weight Loss

dietNot all training methods to successfully fight against fat. Other methods, on the contrary, it added. Learn to train properly!

Shakes hard! It would seem that the more repetitions do better. You will spend more energy, and the body to make up for the loss, burn fatter. No, it’s not so simple. Maximum fat burning effect has heavy sets. This is due to the fact that such sets, literally shaking body. All metabolic processes, including the burning of fat, accelerate and many more hours of training can not come back to normal. As a result, for the same comparative period of heavy sets burn fatter by half than sets of 10-25 repetitions.

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Aerobic exercise

dietIf you set a goal to lose weight without aerobics can not do. However, not all types of cardio are equally good. Choose the best aerobics!

Left for later! When do cardio? Science has found that aerobic session, arranged immediately after weight training burns fat better. And, for the first 15 minutes of the rate of fat burning cardio is the maximum. This means that during this period the intensity aerobics to be prohibitive. In this case, the fat loss will be particularly significant. Effect of aerobics, strength training undertaken before, was minimal.

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Supplements that help to lose weight

fatTo help the diet necessarily take the following supplements:

Green tea extract concentrated extract gastrointestinal isolated from green tea is an effective fat-burning tool. Action supplements proven by numerous scientific studies. Take 500 mg of extract in the morning and in the afternoon.

CLA type of fat called CLA should enter into your diet if you want to lose weight. Such fats stimulate metabolism of fat in the body, in particular, increase the burning of fats in order to obtain biological energy. Take supplements according to package directions.

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How to lose weight without harm to health

fatNutritionist Natalia Minerva gastroenterology told how to lose weight without harm to health.

Soon summer and women are already starting to think about in order to lose a little extra weight gained during the winter. How do you recommend losing weight in a healthy way?

When in doubt, not to harm their health, regardless of age, I would recommend to seek professional help, rather than engage in self-torture in compliance with some new-fanged diets.

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5 tips rapid weight loss

dietIf you are already struggling with being overweight for many years, these 5 tips rapid weight loss can help you lose weight fast. You can lose weight quickly, within one month following these simple tips.

1. Regular consumption of soda Thrash

Replace regular soda with diet soda. If possible, avoid diet beverage together to lose weight faster. Helps reduce the swelling. The trick to losing weight fast enough to start. Rapid weight loss might not be easier than this.

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Tips for natural weight loss

dietThere is no easy way to lose weight even though most experts in the world are looking for ways to achieve this goal. If you look approximately, you will find dozens of ways to lose weight. But we advise pills are not going to – they do not help in the long run. Suggest you stay away from them.So, we present you effective strategies for weight loss:

There are many ways to lose weight, in addition to pills and diets.Let’s see what you can do to lose weight!

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Drugs for weight loss

fatThe fight against excess weight often turns into a protracted war with varying success. Sometimes we gain victory in a battle with the extra inches, but sometimes these centimeters are returned, and begin a new round of hostilities.

The practice of medicine, and proven that success in the fight can only be achieved by complex activities under the title – a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that no more than 5% of the people suffering from overweight acquired as a result of its physiological changes in an organism. In all other cases, the cause – is overeating, lack of exercise, bad habits and unbalanced diet. Therefore, the search of a magical agent, which, as if by magic will save you from extra pounds, akin to fantasy, well, of course, if you are not set to go under the surgeon’s knife.

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