How to reduce belly?

reduce bellyThis is a belly problem that plagues a lot of people, specially women, and specially during the summer, because you have to deal with the set of clothes fitting, and escape criticism of those people, who are held in the form throughout the ‘year, just to make a great impression to the dress practice, but millions of people in Italy, just can not rid of the fat on your stomach.

The fat on your tummy, shape the rolls on his stomach, abdominal fat, nutrition experts say that the fat on your stomach is more hard to eliminate, in this article I will show you the best solutions to eliminate belly, forever! Continue reading “How to reduce belly?”

How to eliminate belly?

Slim StomachThe belly swells, accumulating adipose Learn more about lipids. To learn how to reduce or eliminate it, follow our advice.

The belly protects the digestive system and is affected by the slightest problem with digestion. Fermentation, fizzy drinks, swallowed air eating, constipation, but also stress or strong emotions: the belly gets swollen and sore. Here are some tips to address this annoying problem:

Eat calmly. Eating standing up, hurriedly and in crowded places helps swallowing air and slows digestion. Try Magyar sitting at the table for at least half an hour and chew each bite well; Continue reading “How to eliminate belly?”