How effective water for weight loss reviews lost weight

SlimMany people do not know what to drink water for weight loss and whether this method helps to overcome those extra pounds. This article tells all about losing weight with the help of water.

The role of water in human existence is impossible to appreciate a variety of reasons. Water creates an environment for the existence and course of many reactions. And man is composed of 80% water. Continue reading “How effective water for weight loss reviews lost weight”

American effective diet

Slim bodyHow often do we want diet to lose weight at the same time? Indulging in their favorite foods and not attractive in difficult counting calories.

On this issue worked best nutritionists all over the world, but the answer nutritionists found out of state, the proportion of people suffering from obesity, the American diet is known around the world, millions of people who adhere to it, managed to get rid of excess weight, while allowing yourself to eat almost any food.
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The principles of the American diet:-

The main standard of the diet Americans call «Dinner Canceling» – it means that the last meal should be no later.

For breakfast you can eat any food, including sweet and flour.

After 5 pm, you can only drink water and tea carefully selected in the menu only natural products – it is the success of any diet. Quality food and plenty of fluids to cleanse your body of toxins and heavy metals, which will lead to a more successful outcome of the American diet.

Try to keep to your diet was less “harmful” foods:- potato chips, sugary sodas, crackers – that is, foods high in sodium, flavors or preservatives.
You should also limit the amount of fatty foods. And if you ate a greasy product, after its use to eat a slice of pineapple or grapefruit.

American diet does not please you quick results, but it can help to reduce the weight by as much as you need. In this case, dropped pounds not to return as soon as you go to a regular diet.

The diet of U.S. Astronauts

In the early 20th century American nutritionists from NASA, has developed a secret diet for American astronauts. The point of it is to limit the use of complex carbohydrates. Each product was given his score. In the diet of the astronauts who needed to lose weight, the total amount does not exceed 40 points. For a week they were able to lose up to six pounds overweight.

American astronaut’s diet was classified as state secret, as long as the secret services of the USSR did not reveal this secret to the government of the Soviet Union. Within the walls of the Kremlin, this diet is called the Kremlin diet.

Diet, which held American astronauts, was adapted to our diet, but its basic principles stay the same to give up sweets, flour products, potatoes and rice, to limit the use of vegetables, fruit, potatoes and cereals. The basis of the diet should be:- lean meat, fish, cheese, vegetables with high water content Know the amount of carbohydrates contained in a particular product, and what is his number of points
You can from the table points Kremlin diet.

Diet “roller coaster”

Another great American diet, diet became Martin Katana. He gave it the name “diet roller coaster“, as the meaning of this diet is to keep your body to correct to a certain number of calories. We know that our body is even able to get used to even the most minimal diet and stop to get rid of excess weight. Then dietitian Martin Katana had the idea that the body can be fooled, and he came up with a 3-week diet based on a sharp jump calorie diet.

The first 3 days you need to reduce the number of calories to 600, then 4 days of your diet consist of 900 calories, and last week the number of calories increases to 1200. Then repeat 3 days with 600 calories and 4 days with 900 calories. The results are stunning – 9 pounds in a week! And all of the body 3 weeks to lose weight does not stop, because it does not have time to adjust for the number of calories that you consume.

Tibetan effective diet

slim bodyWe all have heard about the wisdom of Tibetan monks and Tibetan medicine. Some people, faced with Tibetan medicine, used some behavior in everyday life, as once were happy with the result.

There is a special Tibetan science of health. Tibetans believe that practically all illnesses and diseases are due to malnutrition. And they can be cured of a proper diet, without medication. This study defines the products that can damage health, and which will contribute to improving it. Continue reading “Tibetan effective diet”

World famous Chinese diet

weight lossChinese diet is common among women who want to say goodbye to excess weight in a short period of time. The name “Chinese diet” is deceptive – this diet does not include any traditional Chinese dishes.
Continue reading “World famous Chinese diet”

Japanese diet

 dietJapanese diet which is very different from other diets. The secret of the Japanese diet unbalanced menu, causing metabolic changes in the body, and the result can be some years not to gain weight while eating as before.

The number of calories expended by the body does not exceed the amount consumed. Acceleration of metabolism is by increasing consumption of calories muscles during dieting, and thus the power consumption will increase. So nutritionists recommend a parallel exercise. Continue reading “Japanese diet”

Greek weight lose diet

health dietGreek weight lose diet is a system of power, which is shared by many residents of Greece. This diet does not just save you from the extra pound, it will allow your health to adjust to the new diet, with which you will feel better happier and healthier.
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The Brazilian Diet

weight lossBrazilian diet is frequently called the diet of Brazilian actresses, as she used Brazilian serials actresses to lose weight quickly before the shooting. intended this diet for fourteen days, and gets rid of 4 to 6 pounds.
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The German Diet

weight lossGerman diet is designed for 7 weeks and is one of the most durable. During this period of time, due to the German diet you can get rid of 16-18 pounds overweight. With each subsequent week should eat fewer and fewer calories.

Every Monday the seven weeks of the German diet is the toughest – the day only allowed to drink water. Continue reading “The German Diet”

The French diet

weight lossThe streets of Paris flashed shapely legs in boots and slender waist, which seems, can embrace two fingers. French diet learned in childhood a slender person the right to call herself a woman, and the “woman” in France sounds good!

French diet – it is primarily a moderation in eating. Since childhood, the mother put on a plate the girls a little less than they can eat. Continue reading “The French diet”

The Mexican diet

weight lossMexican diet – it is a very simple and affordable way to only 4 days to get rid of a few extra pounds. The secret of this diet is simple – all the days of the diet you have to eat a limited set of products in very small quantities. Particularly hard on first 2 days of the Mexican diet.
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