Slimming eating brussels sprouts

brussels sproutsBrussels sprouts are a vegetable very similar to cauliflower. Thanks to the benefits that will help you remove the excess liquid and thin about how many kilos.

It is a food that has very few calories, and that is a key factor that will help you lose weight.

Although it has fewer calories, will help you feel satisfied and reduce your anxiety.

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Helps thin and eating a balanced diet and healthy

Optimistic people live a more balanced diet and healthier than pessimistic people, this is evident from a study by Meat Supply Company Serrano.

This study demonstrates the direct relationship between mood and the type of food. Thus, 76% of respondents felt that the mood influences nutrition care, and seven out of ten people think that having a good mood is positive for health. Continue reading “Helps thin and eating a balanced diet and healthy”

Eating too much at night

Diet TipsThe sensation of appetite in the morning and big appetite at dinner and evening characterize the night eating syndrome.

People suffering from the so-called “night eating syndrome night eating syndromes have several points in common: lack of appetite in the morning, even just eat in the first half of the day, and strong appetite in the second part of the day.

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Lose weight eating salads

Slim DietThe light salads are a natural way to consume everything your body needs, without adding unnecessary calories to your daily intake. For this, reach to control the calories with their salads and can enjoy your favorite recipe, simply by adjusting the proportions of the ingredients you add.

The salad dressings low in calories, will give the touch they need to eliminate weight with salads, not like eating tasteless. But do not abuse them, they are more light recipes, or other sauces, which use to flavor. Nor overdo it with the salt, primarily responsible for fluid retention.
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Eating healthy food to look younger

healthy  youngGood nutritional plan, plenty of water, fresh air, exercise, sleep and stress free as possible.

But in this hectic world where it is difficult to meet all worth trying at least the first one. In other words, eat healthy to look younger.

Well believe it or not, poor eating habits, such as eating lots of fats and sugars or many stimulating beverages (like coffee), are harmful to our skin and thus for most of our presentation.
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Consequences of eating fast

DietEat fast they conducted several digestive processes are not performed correctly. When you chew performing the first part of digestion, if you chew bad and fast, some of this food passes directly from the stomach, which force the oregano to work more slowly.

When this happens, food passes into the stomach longer, this becomes irritated and produces burning, stomach pain and heaviness. You feel you ate a lot, when perhaps eaten sparingly.
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Benefits of eating yogurt?

Diet Yogurt• The benefits of yogurt reach all people, from the early life stages until the final stages of their lives.
• For its richness in calcium is recommended for children and adolescents, women who are breastfeeding and menopause.
• It is also a good solution for the elderly, people with chewing or after an illness. A people that assimilation of milk causes digestive problems or allergies, because yogurt is digested easily without forcing the intestine.
• Recent studies claim that also neutralizes the carcinogenic action.
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Weekend – enemy of diets!

You had the feeling that you follow your diet and exercise plan throughout the week and not lose the weight you want? Weekends may be the problem.

Saturday and Sunday we are going to parties, meals away from home, and if we are fond of sports, we are not losing football! The problem is that this often makes us forget the good eating habits, because we are tempted to give us a break from the routine of the week. We eat in restaurants or at home from our friends that we have been invited to a barbecue. For this reason, we need to know healthy choices so that all our efforts to lose weight are not in vain, without neglecting fun. Continue reading “Weekend – enemy of diets!”

Tips for being always thin

When it comes to caring for your figure or lose weight there are many ways to do so and follow a diet is not necessary. The following is a list that can help you.

Never follow diets
Learn how to eat healthily. Diets sound to restriction and pain and are unnecessary. They almost never give permanent results, because diets are temporary. It is true that a diet can help you lose weight but you need to change your eating habits to keep you always thin or at your desired weight. Otherwise you stop the diet and start to get fat. Some people find that well elaborate diets such as the South Beach Diet will help them learn to eat; in this case it is good to follow them but avoid at all costs fast diets. Continue reading “Tips for being always thin”

Why is it good to include soy in our diet?

These seeds are an excellent source of vegetable protein, help to reduce cholesterol and its consumption is particularly beneficial during menopause.

Tau-tau. It is very likely that this name does not tell you much. As well, it’s the word that thousands of years ago the Orientals referred to what we know today as soy. A curious word that translated would come to mean the best seed. And it is that the Chinese were already familiar with the great virtues of this leguminous plant. So much so that even included it in the select group of sacred seeds along with the rice, wheat, barley and millet. Continue reading “Why is it good to include soy in our diet?”