Full Body Workout with dumbbells only

Are you at home and only have a couple of dumbbells? No problem, with this routine full body 3 days will get something different from what you came by and also highly effective. Of course you can also do it in the gym and will be the same; you just need a pair of dumbbells.


  • Do this routine as you get results.
  • Progress make each series and each repetition count. Use the correct technique, concentrate on the muscle you are working and see gradually increasing the weight and / or repetitions to progress.
  • This routine is for both men and women, and the results are excellent for both.
  • Will train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. NOT add additional exercises, challenge with weight, technique and repetition.
  • Do cardio in the morning or during the days you do not do weights. Continue reading “Full Body Workout with dumbbells only”

Enlarge your breasts in 10 minutes

Do not kill openings and other exercises that do not help. We help you good looking chest. The openings in pec-deck machine are not recommended.

First, the exercise will tell you not to do: side openings in the pec-deck machine. Just make work part of the chest, and making them increases the risk of injury.

It is best to do three exercises with dumbbells that activate different parts of the pectoral muscles, giving you a better definition and more volume. Continue reading “Enlarge your breasts in 10 minutes”