4 exercises to burn calories

Put into orbit your metabolic rate with this exercise that will spend a lot of calories. With this routine will shoot the number of calories burned.


Put your back parallel to the ground, picks up two heavy dumbbells without bending the legs only. Tense the buttocks merge completely with your back straight (dead weight) and have the hips forward to get up. Continue reading “4 exercises to burn calories”

A routine to protect your heart

This grueling circuit will keep you away from heart disease. Heat thoroughly with 1 kilometer rowing. At the beginning of training, you’re going to do to get to failure, just as you’re stronger.

Do one set of each exercise in the circuit without stopping. When finished, rest for 60 seconds and repeat twice. Load more weight in the last series to strengthen your heart.

How do you do? Continue reading “A routine to protect your heart”

Circuit to protect your joints

Defines the core muscles and avoid injury with this routine demolition.

This circuit restores calm to the large muscle groups, protects you from pain or injury and at the same time, end to exhaust your glycogen stores. For these reasons, you should do when you finish your workout at the gym. What’s more, will help you sculpt a six-pack printing. The finishing touch for your new healthy body.

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Get a swimmer’s body!

Gain muscle in a few minutes and follow our tips for power also strengthen the immune system

Sculpt your body for summer swimmers
To test your strength, I propose to follow the death crawl or “dragging death.” This is an exercise that works your body almost in full: chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps and back.

Also, last but not least, also fucks your core and legs. Continue reading “Get a swimmer’s body!”