Crackers for Dukan diet

DietDukan diet does not give many chances to have cookies and breads of all kinds, as the flour is, little more, little less forbidden object. But, as always, with a little ingenuity can change things.

Feel like making these crackers with cheese, which are suitable from the cruise phase ? Simple and delicious, you just have to try this great recipe.
An egg
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Chicken Meatballs light to diet

meatballMeatballs are delicious and generally likes everyone. But, of course, diet alone is not a situation ripe for eating in its traditional format, let alone diet .

But you can always adapt recipes so everyone can enjoy a meal without having to walk past penalties later. Here then are these delicious chicken meatballs light, suitable from the attack phase on wards.
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Chocolate desserts fat for the Dukan diet

Chocolate desserts fat If you follow the Dukan diet or looking for a sweet dessert aphrodisiac but watch your figure for a night like Valentine’s Day, our selection tab and surrender to pleasure without remorse.

Love is the engine of the world and Valentine one of the most anticipated dates for the lovers. That day we all woke seems happier, smiling, with butterflies in my stomach and wanting to tell our partner how much you want.
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