Dinner only fruit diet

The feeling of lightness when dinner fruit is not necessarily reflected in the weight. The custom of dining only fruit is relatively common in many people concerned about their figure, their extra kilos and their health. It occurs mostly in women of all ages.

They usually reserve dinner time for the three recommended daily servings of fruits and even some more if they come home hungry. They understand that they are foods that are satisfying and filling. At the same time, they believe that make dinner a light menu in calories. Continue reading “Dinner only fruit diet”

Dinner- Fruit thins!

It’s fast, safe and provides few calories. However, no fruit thinning dinner, as many men have been found after implementing this habit and weighed within a few weeks.

The temptation is there: you come home tired, peel a banana, an apple and perhaps a pear … and dinner is ready. However, so your dream of removing fat deposits. That’s just going to make exercising and, in any case, leading to long term (and not just a few days) a balanced diet that includes “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” You know: vegetables, fish or any light meal … two hours before bedtime. Continue reading “Dinner- Fruit thins!”

Dinner strong slim line night more

Research carried out in the U.S. has dismantled one of the most persistent myths. For example, the dinners in favor abundant greater weight gain than large meals made at other times of day.

After reviewing several studies, Rachel Vreeman and Aaron Carroll, pediatricians and teachers of the Medical School of Indiana (USA), conclude that what actually causes weight gain is the total number of calories you eat throughout of days, rather than hours is made intake. Continue reading “Dinner strong slim line night more”