What is a Discharge Diet?

DietToday I start a discharge diet and I want to explain what it is, what it is for and how I will do it. If you remember, a few weeks ago I told you about my definition diet . During this time, I have greatly reduced the fat I accumulated in winter during the volume phase, but I have not reduced my weight much, which was my goal because I did not want to lose muscle mass. You can see the diet here.

At this point, now what I have to do is try to reduce the subcutaneous water as much as possible to try to better define the contours and see myself a little drier and more defined. But answering the question of the post and before entering the subject I want to explain what is a discharge diet . Continue reading “What is a Discharge Diet?”

Diet to lose weight 5 kilos in a healthy way

lose weightYou may sore spot to lose weight 5 kg for several reasons: because the clothes of last summer put on ahead not stay the same, because you have a wedding or an important issue that is harshly, because the doctor has afraid you when the consequences of the latest analytics, for a New Year’s seek … or even because the delightful weather is coming and you nonappearance to lose weight those supplementary pounds that you have gained during the winter.

For all those reasons, there are many people who,diet to lose weight, member the striking operation bikini and are pleasant to follow a miracle diet to achieve it. Well, considering this article I am going to direct that you are not one of them.I put you in context, what is a miracle Diet to lose weight? Continue reading “Diet to lose weight 5 kilos in a healthy way”

Diet is seven woes, one answer

Diet tipsThe diet should be reasonable and balanced. And that is important you need to avoid fanaticism and be guided by common sense alone. It is known that any diet has both negative and positive aspects, and the universal diet that suits everyone, no one has yet invented.

However, this is not a reason for despair: in fact, thanks to the efforts of a compound of ancient knowledge and the latest discoveries in science, there was a wide variety of diets from which to choose the most optimal for themselves. Continue reading “Diet is seven woes, one answer”

Wedding Diet

Wedding tipsWedding is good, but usually it is associated with multiple stresses. And when the bride gets nervous, they are starting to pull to sweets. And the result is that the wedding dress is sitting quite as we would like. If you want to lose weight for the wedding, you need to use express diet, with which in just three days, you can lose weight by five kilos.

Menu a three – wedding diet : Day One.

Breakfast. It is necessary to take care of myself in the evening and to prepare in advance half a liter of clean water that in the morning, lying in bed, drink it. Best cleansing of the body takes place in a horizontal position. Continue reading “Wedding Diet”

Seven reasons why we do not manage to lose weight

lose weightThere are several reasons why despite your not low one gram efforts, here are seven reasons why you could sneak happening. When you feel that your favorite pants is about to give you know it’s time to diet or improve your diet and do some exercise.

So you start to eat better, you change the heavy little salad dishes and take more water daily to lose weight those couple of kilos you have more. Continue reading “Seven reasons why we do not manage to lose weight”

Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss

 Diet for weight lossThe cabbage diet, there are many. The classic version of the cabbage diet is not as tough and has a duration of seven days. Due to the filling of the stomach cabbage, hunger blunted. Besides cabbage helps to activate the process of burning fat. Dishes that recommends the cabbage diet to lose weight, you can not add salt. During the diet should drink about two liters of water. It is recommended to drink green tea.

The seven-day Cabbage Soup Diet

On cabbage soup diet lasts seven days. Re diet can only be used within two months from the date of its application. During the seven-day cabbage diet may experience some side effects: the emergence of fatigue, weakness, lethargy, reduced concentration, and sometimes headaches. The main component of this diet is cabbage soup. To cook it you need: white cabbage – 500 – 600 grams, ½ cup brown rice, green onions – 6 arrows, two medium tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper two small bulbs – 6 pieces and salt. Continue reading “Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss”

Lose your weight in a healthy way

weight lossWoman looking in a mirror it is natural for anyone who desire to go on a diet want to do it quickly. However, proof shows that people who lose weight regularly and progressively are more successful in keeping it off.

Losing weight in a healthy way is not only to follow a diet or program. It is to keep a stable lifestyle that include lasting changes in daily consumption and work out habits. To go on a diet, you must burn more calories than you consume. Continue reading “Lose your weight in a healthy way”

How to lose weight quickly and easily?

lose weight quickly and easilyThe world population crossed to abroad, the power of man is transformed into an urgent problem. Diet is constantly changing. And the worse. The shift occurs in the direction of the synthetic products. The problem is aggravated by the fact that most people in the cities are sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the human body is changing. In recently the  throughout the world has increased the number of people who are overweight. This has become a problem that humanity is trying to solve all the force to keep becoming a loss over weight at any cost.

Weight Loss for the lazy

For those who do not want under the surgeon’s knife, there is a good for the lazy – pills, patches, slimming teas, supplements that promise lasting effect and quick results. Continue reading “How to lose weight quickly and easily?”

The most important part of the diet

FitnessWhat is most important in losing weight? No calorie food and water regime, even an attitude and way of life, and with scab metabolism, which depends also on the digestion. A failure at any stage in this complex process can lead to tragic consequences from illness to an inability to lose weight.

So remember the rule: if you want to lose weight and learn to eat properly.Reusable food that’s the first step to speeding up the metabolism.

Continue reading “The most important part of the diet”

Incredible and complete metabolic breakfast

weightA metabolic breakfast is one that gives us enough to put our bodies in tune every morning energy, and that the type of calories used are of sufficient quality to use them and not become fat .

The following examples of metabolic breakfasts that we provide you are relatively simple to perform and have ingredients that are expensive. This does, it is a perfect place for those and those that do not be a / as handyman in cooking dish.

Metabolic Breakfasts Continue reading “Incredible and complete metabolic breakfast”