Losing weight improve men’s sexual health Overweight and diabetic

Overweight and diabeticA long title, but the only option I could think of was to put fat instead of overweight men, but given the harmful connotations and ambiguity of the word, I prefer something a bit longer but coherent with the news.

The issue is that a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that obese men with type 2 diabetes, losing weight improve erectile function, sexual desire and reduces urinary tract symptoms.
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Diabetic diet and general recommendations

dietDiabetic diet and nutritionist at the center Caroli Health Club, Aruka Chapinal offers exclusively for Mujerde Elite general recommendations and a menu suitable for diabetics in the World Diabetes Day. Because your health is most important.

Diet is a staple in the treatment of diabetes both type I and type II. But mostly type II, should be aware that both his power and the practice of physical activity specific to their condition, are the main medicine.
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