Mediterranean diet may decrease heart sickness

dietIn the region of 30% of heart attacks, stroke and death from heart disease can be prevented in people who are at risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet that includes olive oil, grains, fish, fruit, vegetables and even wine with food.

These results from a study by the original England Journal of Medicine, where the findings were based on the first clinical tests conducted to measure the effects of this diet on the risk of heart disease. The strength of the benefits of this diet experts rhomboidal left open.

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Decrease calories from your diet and fat removed

caloriesKeep in mind these tips to get rid of fat and lose weight.

Specialists agree that weight loss should be gradual, more than 1 kilo per week.

To reach that goal must cut calories of food daily.

The ideal is to consume 1200 calories per day, in the case of women and 1500 men. Go beyond these values can cause unpleasant consequences for our health.
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How to decrease excess weight fast with diet and extra fat burning

fat burningDiet programs lead to slow down the metabolic procedure. Normally, this means that once you get out of the diet and no diet plan is great if you have to keep it permanently, you end up more fat quickly because your physical type burns calories at a cost quite slow.

The most efficient way to remove grease and manage this loss of pounds in the long range plan is to eat a balanced diet with all food equipment and participate in some form of physical activity. What is more important? Hands down, your diet is much more vital to reducing your weight wanted his step exercise. This is because what we are trying to eat determines the kind of electricity that has to work.
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