Obesity and overweight- be careful of the dangers to health

overweightUnfortunately overweight people face many Consequently, the increased risk of premature death to several debilitating disorders and psychological factors that are not life-threatening but can make life difficult.

The level of risk is influenced mainly by the relative amount of excess weight, the location of body fat and an increase in the age dell’peso adults. To solve all these problems in an immediate way, we wish to remind you that the best solution is to drop weight in a modest way. Continue reading “Obesity and overweight- be careful of the dangers to health”

The dangers of fad diets

We promise to lose those extra kilos in a short time but be careful of fad diets and risky rebound outcome among many other negative health penalties.

Miracle diets

We all like to look great without those extra kilos when summer comes. So many times you may feel tempted to resort to so called miracle diets to shake off the weight you’ve been accumulate over the winter. Continue reading “The dangers of fad diets”

Dangers of laxatives to lose weight

lose weightThe laxatives– First of all we mention it’s very unsafe to use them in this way and it should not. We’ll tell you why, pay close attention!
Long ago beliefs prevail that said the use of laxatives helped a less fat absorption. Hence, many people use them for these purposes; however, this practice can bring us many problems. Continue reading “Dangers of laxatives to lose weight”

The dangers in the use of walnut in India for weight lose

 weight loseThe world of weight lose products is widening, either within the natural spectrum, and in industry. In the first group, the appearance of the nut of India meant a kind of boom within the plant lovers.

Its slimming properties would be truly remarkable, helping to burn fat and much more. But the voices began to rise against, counting the many problems that would have brought their consumption.
Continue reading “The dangers in the use of walnut in India for weight lose”