Daily walking for slim

slimBenefits of walking is arguably the easiest and cheapest is to walk because you do not need to pay fees at the gym to do and can be done at any age. But the main reason why someone should start this activity is by its list of benefits for the body.

First walking is a great exercise to eliminate stress and keep your mind occupied. Many people resort to habits like smoking or overeating due to a combination of boredom with stress while walking can increase endorphin which improve mood.
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Approximate daily diet of raw-foodists is

FruitBreakfast – Smoothie from wheat germ, dried apricots, coconut and banana.
Snack before dinner – fruit, nuts.
Lunch – a big bowl of salad on the basis of cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, avocado and chickpea sprouts, bread from seed.
Snack – fruit, nuts, candy syroednye, the infusion of herbs.
Dinner – salad or smoothie.

In the case of wild hunger at first drink a lot of water with lemon, it helps.
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Lose weight daily

You can get most of your time. And, incidentally, activate your metabolism, burn calories and reduce belly every minute for 24 hours a day. Pay attention to the following tips.


Start the day with two minutes of sit-ups or crunches. Exercise oxygenates the brain, stretching mornings.


Scrambled egg breakfast and a tuna sandwich. A 2009 study conducted by Purdue University (Indiana, USA) has just unveiled a protein breakfast make you feel more satiated get during the day, so you have less chance of overeating. Continue reading “Lose weight daily”

Daily Weight Lose Diet

Daily Weight LoseThe Daily Weight Lose Diet is mainly based on the person have to consume all food but not to mix them for six days. This means that during these six days the person may consume all the nutrients the body needs but in no way mixed with each other. In this period it is estimated that stands to lose two to three kilos.
This diet is characterized by almost entirely excluded the fat (you can only eat a tablespoon of oil a day), products containing carbohydrates (such as corn, lentils, beans etc., You can only eat two slices of bread per day) and fruits high in sugar content (including bananas, grapes, nuts and figs). It also prohibits the consumption of alcohol. Continue reading “Daily Weight Lose Diet”