The Diet of Copenhagen

earlier than the Diet The majority of ordinary trouble for people who are anxious to lose those extra pounds is to perform other Copenhagen diet without first consulting your doctor.

Going fast, can cause further complications on your way to an ideal figure. Remember that the diet of Copenhagen is not a miracle, so can cause you a bad procedure complications to your health.
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Tips for Diet of Copenhagen

Diet of CopenhagenConditions you diagram to perform the Copenhagen diet maintain in mind these tips: Drink at least two liters of water a day; it will help drain the extra calories that your body has.

Help yourself as a serving of food. You must eat only three times a day, so these foods should be balanced in nutrients.
Limit intake of sweets, since only generate anxiety.
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Reward of Choosing the Diet of Copenhagen

diet of CopenhagenEven though the diet of Copenhagen is carry out only for 13 days, will help you be strong to the attraction of snacking food.

It is also effective because you lose weight immediately. Unlike other fast diet, this does not have the rebound effect: If you lose those extra pounds, and you will not see for some time.
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The diet of Copenhagen

weight dietIf you want to weight loose in a short time those extra pounds, the diet of Copenhagen is the one that best adapt to your expectations.

This diet may speed up your metabolism. You only need to drink two liters of green tea or plain water a day and eat three times a day at fixed times.
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