How to lose weight after the holidays

 lose weight after the holidaysWeight loss in winter is different from summer to lose weight. Dietitians advise not to go hungry during frost and do not sit on a grueling diet. The protective functions of the body can be significantly lower due to a lack of nutrients. Because of this, during the cold season you can easily catch a cold or pneumonia. And the cold will feel badly frozen due to the usual lack of energy and strength.

How to lose weight after the holidays to lose weight after the New Year or Christmas and has become a for valentine’s Day? Many women want to lose a few extra kilos of Valentine’s Day, and on the street – frost and winter weight loss is fraught with certain risks and dangers. Experts, nutritionists believe that the weight loss in the winter in cold weather can be. You just need to do it right! Continue reading “How to lose weight after the holidays”

Easy recipes to lose belly this christmas

dietThen I’ll show you 2 healthy food recipes that will help you lose belly these special days: celery and asparagus. Two indisputable allies in balanced diets because they are high in water, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Come on, a good choice for Christmas.

1. Cream of celery orange

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 g fresh celery. Continue reading “Easy recipes to lose belly this christmas”

Saving the shape after a Christmas party and New Year 2013

New Year partyThe turn of the New Year holiday feasts, parties and banquets. Often, the day after that, we did not familiarity the joy and pleasure, and a sense of guilt for torn diet and additional pounds. There are various ways to help fix damage done to your body shape.

So, if before you eat too much fat, trying to quickly get back on the right track in no case did not go hungry. Instead, eat something light and contains no fat, cereal with skim milk, vegetables, and fruit. Continue reading “Saving the shape after a Christmas party and New Year 2013”

Diet Tips before Christmas

Diet TipsThe following tips for the Christmas diet allows us greater control on New Year’s Eve and enjoy while not losing sight of health- Limit liquid calories: reduces the income of empty calories to the body with sugary drinks or alcohol. The best alcoholic drink them in small quantities and, if possible, not daily. Continue reading “Diet Tips before Christmas”

Christmas 2012 Recipes

Christmas Recipes Celebrate 2012 Holiday another Christmas together sharing recipes and celebrating our passion for cooking. But this year we will inevitably not the same, some you will be new around here and others, unfortunately, they will not be with us to share the special moments that live on these dates.
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Christmas diet recipes this year

Christmas recipesThey are somewhat laborious to prepare but are not complicated to do and have a great advantage, can leave them prepared in advance and bake at the last moment, leaving you plenty of time to devote to it or other preparations for the family Christmas.
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Celebrate Christmas without gaining weight

Celebrate Christmas foodThe year-end Christmas holidays are at hand. Such tasty food offered this time, makes us eat more than usual and gain weight. These holy days there are many potlucks, parties, the inns, meals and drinks plentiful and not missing the opportunity to snack between meals.
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Christmas diet food-low in calories Pionono

Christmas foodAre only few days Christmas is coming and think about how to preparing Christmas dinner light can be difficult. During Christmas and New Year preparations eat high fat and calories, so if you’re on a diet can opt for light holiday recipes. In this paper we present a recipe palmettos pionono low calorie Christmas exclusively for these times. Continue reading “Christmas diet food-low in calories Pionono”