Special children diet

slim tips for childThe diet figures 5 chosen in diseases of the liver, gallbladder and billiard lesions of the whole system hostilities  hepatitis, anesthesiologist  The reason of the children diet – standby the diseased organs excess, perfunctory, substance and thermal.

English 21 day diet consequences excluded on or after the diet foods and dishes, aggravating the liver and gall bladder and make a reimbursement to stone formation, limit the quantity of carbohydrates, introduce the products to help accurate the intestines and improving bile providing a enough amount of protein especially milk with curd overweight and a vegetable oil and butter. Continue reading “Special children diet”

Increasing obesity in children

obesity in childrenThe obesity in children, beating even in places like the U.S.. Given the fact that Spanish children would be the most obese in the world, it is appropriate to ask where has been the healthy Mediterranean diet, which has traditionally differentiated, good food in this part of the planet.

Increasing obesity in Spanish children, has led in recent years a frenetic pace that seems to have no end.
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Physical activity in overweight children

 overweight children Eating a lot does not mean eating well, because if you add empty calories with no nutritional value, the result is fat accumulation, increased cholesterol and even high blood pressure has already been found in young children.

The other pillar of weight loss is physical activity in children, particularly in pubertal children. It is crucial that physical activity in children is very well mixed. It is highly advisable to focus on specific exercises like crunches or push ups analytically, because at that age is very annoying and it is more likely that physical activity in children are bored and do not want anymore. Continue reading “Physical activity in overweight children”

The food of our children

Kids foodWhy it is important to properly nourish our children are three: do not lack anything for their development, put off overweight and train them in food.

The food should be varied and delicious. If it is not desirable, it is left in the dish and a war will cost each meal. We see that taking weekly fastener foods: vegetables, fish and vegetables at least once a week, fruit, desserts. Try to enter at all times fruits and vegetables in season: be more natural and economic. Also important to take into account the season: in hot weather, more lavish salads, cold creams of vegetables, rice … In contrast, in cold weather are more suitable hot meals: soups, vegetables, stews,
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Keep away from our children life form overweight

children dietA fat study by the Foundation Thao between 18,000 children from 3 to 12 years. The Foundation, whose president is Henri Garcia, promotes programs to avoid childhood obesity by adopting healthy habits. To do this, try to mentalist parents and professionals who are not on the importance of the problem. According to a spokesman for the Foundation Thao, the situation is alarming in the earliest ages.

Henri Garcia states that “excess weight is a threat to the future health of our children.” But the problems do not stay there. Although we question, and rightly so, certain aesthetic values of our society, and particularly the glorification of thinness, the fact remains that are present, and our children are immersed in them beyond repair, like it or not.
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