Carrot diet for weight loss

weight lossCarrot diet is essentially a vegetable diet. It is designed for four days. Thanks contained in carrots useful substances, strengthens the immune system, it allows the body to rejuvenate. In the carrot method of weight loss has its own rules:

be sure to stick a carrot products, saturated fats. It is necessary to improve the process of fat digestion and maximum absorption of vitamin A; eat carrots is recommended only in raw form, as any heat treatment reduces the activity of beneficial enzymes; to improve the effectiveness of diet carrots should be used in grated form. To do this, use a medium or fine grater. Continue reading “Carrot diet for weight loss”

Carrot Lose Weight Diet

Carrot dietThe Loss of weight diet of carrots is a slimming plan, two months. As its name implies, the basic food of the diet is carrot, a vegetable rich that provides only 27 calories per 100 grams, making it ideal for consumption in such schemes to lose weight.

The diet of carrots is made with menus than 1,300 calories each for the first month, including proteins (16%), fat (26%), carbohydrates (55%). At this stage you can lose 3 to 4 kilos. Continue reading “Carrot Lose Weight Diet”