Flee soda

Make him a favor and forget your pancreas sugary sodas. Find out why.

It is a matter of habit, as the first hard, but then it will be easy. And it’s worth. Take two or more soft drinks a week can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by 87% compared with people who do not drink soda, according to a study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. Continue reading “Flee soda”

Benefits of pomegranate health

The pomegranate is a fruit widely consumed in some countries, is the fruit of the tree known as the pomegranate. Because of its many seeds, the pomegranate is often considered a symbol of fertility in many cultures.

It is a fruit that has a lot of antioxidants and produces many benefits in the body.

The pomegranate contains about 65 grams cal./100., Is rich in pectin, Continue reading “Benefits of pomegranate health”

Exercise reduces risk of cancer in women

cancer in womenWomen who daily exercises that make you sweat are at 30% lower risk of detrimental cancer, concludes a new study.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute analyzed 14 previous studies England and found that physical activity reduces the risk of this variety of cancer by 20% to 40% compared with sedentary women. The study is published online in the British Journal of Cancer. It was funded by the National Cancer Institute.
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