How Many Calories Per Day?

Lose WeightHow many calories can I eat per day? and How many you eat and exercise. But: the right number of carbohydrates / sugars is a much more important factor in your diet than the number of calories.

When you do not eat too many carbohydrates and mainly choose proteins, healthy fats and fiber, your body feels much better when you are really hungry and you automatically get the right amount of energy. Continue reading “How Many Calories Per Day?”

Cycling calories burned

Cycling for slimThe bicycle is the best way to burn calories, if you are not going to get a bike in the near future, to discover that the solution to your problems may lie in it.

In half an hour you will burn 235 calories on average, but of course depends on the shape of your body. Experts indicate that the ideal duration of cycling is one hour. Continue reading “Cycling calories burned”

How lots of calories required losing weight?

losing weightThe average of calories taken in two days weekdays and weekend days 500kcal. Lose 0.5-1kg per week is right, if the weight is less than 0.5 kg, you can remove another 250 kcal.

And feasible to lose a few tens of grams per day- if the caloric requirement is 1800 calories a balanced diet of 1200 calories will be, because (1800×2: 3 = 1200). With 600 calories less, which means, given an average of 13 g per 100 calories, a weight loss of 78 grams per day then about 2.4 Kg per month without making too many sacrifices, just by reducing your calorie intake? Continue reading “How lots of calories required losing weight?”

How more calories burned body tissues?

calories burnedA calorie is the more of heat required to raise the temperature 1 degree in 1 kg of water. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the main nutrients in food that provide energy to the body.

Proteins and carbohydrates are 4 calories per gram, while fats have 9 calories per gram.

The calories that are not used in the expenditure of energy is stored in the body as fat

Daily calories (per day) burned tissue kilo:

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How many calories you burn with housework?

slim housewife

Women fat burn 1,500 calories a day. But if we take each task to move to win, achieve an extra expense. “We can lose weight and tone your body with domestic activities. Whenever we are in motion, we generate the energy needed to make it happen. We must not think that the gym is the only way, “confirms to Entremujeres Sebastian Petrillo, fitness expert and director of Sport Maniac.

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How many calories get are in a beer?

BeerWorld most popular drink Beer is not a drink especially caloric. Moreover, regardless of the calories in beer, drinking beer can be good .
A beer “normal” has about 40 calories per 100 ml, or what the same, about 130 calories per jar.
If you want to get rid of the calories in a mug of beer, take a brisk walk for half an hour. This will give remove alcohol and hydrates of beer. Continue reading “How many calories get are in a beer?”

How many calories needed per day to Slimming?

SlimWomen need per day – from 2100 to 3000 kcal and for men need per day – from 2600 to 3200 kcal. Most of our readers, trying to slimming, ready to cut down the numbers in a few times, if at all, to reduce to zero. So popular now on the onion soup diet involves daily intake of no more than 1,000 calories, the Japanese diet is even less – 700 kcal.

“In fact, to lose weight, do not need to reduce daily calorie intake to less than 1300-1500 calories per day – said Anastasia Pavlovna Pirogov, a specialist in weight correction Clinic Family Medicine” MEDI on Nevsky ”
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Decrease calories from your diet and fat removed

caloriesKeep in mind these tips to get rid of fat and lose weight.

Specialists agree that weight loss should be gradual, more than 1 kilo per week.

To reach that goal must cut calories of food daily.

The ideal is to consume 1200 calories per day, in the case of women and 1500 men. Go beyond these values can cause unpleasant consequences for our health.
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How many calories does a person need a day?

Diet rulerWe can absorb, we are assume they can not pay attention, but I’ll tell you why the ability to count calories – the key to weight loss.

Many benefits of the calories they write unnecessarily complicated, but actually understand what calories is fairly simple. Once you master the basics, you will have a powerful tool that helps you control your weight.

Simply put, calories – the basic unit of measurement as the energy value of food and energy needs of your body.
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Light cooking tips

Would you like to cook your favorite dishes and not get fat? We make it easy. How? With five techniques for cooking low-fat and with other five quick tips to lighten your favorite dishes. Do you want to know what? What we expect you!

Do you want to know how to enjoy the flavor of your meals without gaining weight? Takes note of these 5 techniques to keep your scale at Bay! Continue reading “Light cooking tips”