Mini slimming tricks

Starting a diet is difficult, and keeping it can be almost impossible to accomplish a mission, so you wont have to rely on very restrictive diets, better care a bit, with simple tricks that you can practice all year and it will not cost you the most minimal effort, you want to try?

  • When preparing salads change the oil or other vegetable spray cooking oil spray, so you will add the minimum amount of calories. The same procedure can be used to cook chicken, fish or pasta.

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The bane of many women is definitely fat, flab, cartridge; thighs. Appositives grow and grow in those areas of the female body. According to a team of Australian researchers, guilt wing of estrogen, this attenuates the body’s ability to burn calories after eating, resulting in more circulating fat and therefore stored.

Women are between 6% and 11% more body fat than men. For years, experts have wondered why this phenomenon, a paradox if one considers that the daily calorie intake is usually higher in men. It seemed clear that there was a hormonal component behind but had not accurately described.

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How to lighten dishes this summer!

It’s summer and beach days, time to get nice and cool clothes. Still you spare a few pounds? Late Exercise is the most appeal, but without a good diet exercise does not do much.

In fact, you can enjoy summer meals, eliminating fat and calories without sacrificing flavor just to many dishes. From are a number of tips that can get a tasty and varied diet and, incidentally, the kind care: Change some salad ingredients, sauces and condiments for a healthier diet.

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How to reduce calories at Christmas?

Remove the fat from soups and sauces, you can wait for it to cool and then remove the layer remaining on the surface with a spoon.

  • Remove the meat dishes parties certain pieces of fat before cooking. So do not come to the table and avoid the temptation to eat.
  • Choose cuts of meat without visible fat and skin (especially in the case of chicken).
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Artichoke Diet

The action of the artichoke act against grease and diuretic and purifying capacity and have a positive effect on weight quickly.

Artichoke helps digestion of fats. In fact, it is easy to find in pharmacies numerous preparations of this food (artichoke with algae, for example) designed to help digest heavy meals that overload the liver and gallbladder.

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Pineapple diet

Pineapple is a fruit that besides being little is unusual caloric burn fat; it is for this reason that during this diet can be found in many foods.

Notably, the pineapple is consumed throughout the diet should be natural or canned in juice, syrup ever since the fruit in syrup contains large amounts of sugar and lose its slimming.

It is important to follow the diet and consume all points indicated besides accompanying the diet with some exercise and drink plenty of water. If done correctly this diet not only thins it eliminates many toxins, which are the body that cause aging.

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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the more balanced diets. Discover the basics of the Mediterranean diet and its components entering in your daily diet to a healthier lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet is originally from Italy and Greece. This diet is based on the use of olive oil for cooking, eating lots of fish, fruits, vegetables and consumption of a glass of red wine a day with meals and 6 cups water.

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Reduce your cholesterol

It is important to limit the consumption of animal fats like butter, lard, butter, etc. and substitute vegetable fats such as olive oil or sunflower seed as.

It is also important to reduce the consumption of meats and sausages. Avoid bacon and sausages. The pieces of pork and beef should be lean, i.e. free of visible fat. The lean ham has too little fat. The chicken, turkey, rabbit, hare, partridge, quail, goat … are lean meats if we care to remove the skin.

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Choosing to activating your metabolism

To lose weight you have to activate the metabolism. But and how is it done? Take note, today we give you the keys.

It tones the muscles
Muscle mass consumes much more energy than fat. And so the first thing we do is to work the muscles. If you cannot go to the gym and use machines, you can do at home using a couple of bottles of water.
You can do three days a week

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If we burn calories by exercising more can we eat?

A person who is overweight and you exercise the sole purpose of losing those extra kilos should be aware that it may not be enough if not carried out an orderly plan in their food. If you exercise daily but the power consumption is very high not achieved the objective. Thus, when one wants to lose weight is necessary that the energy balance is negative, i.e., more energy is spent for the intake.

This does not mean eating less, but eating better. A weight loss plan allows you to eat more food that provide less energy and help to fill. Furthermore, if the exercise is accompanied diet, this will cause the excess body fat burning go faster.

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