Light cooking tips

Would you like to cook your favorite dishes and not get fat? We make it easy. How? With five techniques for cooking low-fat and with other five quick tips to lighten your favorite dishes. Do you want to know what? What we expect you!

Do you want to know how to enjoy the flavor of your meals without gaining weight? Takes note of these 5 techniques to keep your scale at Bay!

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Tips for being always thin

When it comes to caring for your figure or lose weight there are many ways to do so and follow a diet is not necessary. The following is a list that can help you.

Never follow diets
Learn how to eat healthily. Diets sound to restriction and pain and are unnecessary. They almost never give permanent results, because diets are temporary. It is true that a diet can help you lose weight but you need to change your eating habits to keep you always thin or at your desired weight. Otherwise you stop the diet and start to get fat. Some people find that well elaborate diets such as the South Beach Diet will help them learn to eat; in this case it is good to follow them but avoid at all costs fast diets.

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Lies about the diet!

To lose weight, avoid carbohydrates. (False)
It is true that if you reduce the carbohydrates from your diet, you get to lose a few pounds at the beginning. However, this is not healthy, and over time, your body will start to store fat. In addition, loss of weight on low-carbohydrate diets is due simply to calorie restriction. The key to success is not to reduce carbohydrates, but total calories.

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Principles of the South Beach Diet

South Beach is consumed in the diet:

  • Lean proteins: The diet promotes the consumption of various types of fish, chicken, lean cuts, nuts and others. The idea is to lower the level of cholesterol consumed. The consumption of proteins essential to this diet.
  • Whole grains and healthy complex carbohydrates: The diet promotes the consumption of whole flour and eliminates the consumption of refined flour and sugar.

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Christmas around the world-fattening. The weight that has been acquired in two weeks will take more than three months to be removed unless we adopt today same a real plan of shock. It is only a matter of having a little willingness to reduce food and increase exercise. Here we provide the tips and the latest products that will help you to get it.

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Calories do not exist!

Calories are not sure that is what the neurologist and nutritionist associates Yann Rougier mind and stomach and has developed a diet based on colors. The key to successful weight loss diet is cooking as previously (i.e. good) and not through the frustration and obsession with calorie. So of course they said yesterday the French neurologist and nutritionist

Yann Rougier in the University of Valencia. In his opinion, the calories do not exist because they are not biological but a measure math and one of the greatest dangers of modern society is the rise of sugar in our diets and the loss of traditional food associations.

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Should we eliminate all fats from our diet?

This is not true, because fats are needed to perform many of our bodily functions.

If your goal is to lose body fat, it is vital that you consume enough fat and that they are the correct type and in the right amount.

You have to balance the three types of fats: saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated.

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Keys to maintaining weight

The important thing is to focus on a gradual change habits based both in the way you eat, and the quantity and quality of food. In this way, a balance of nutrients that will ensure the prevention of diseases such as a good quality of life.

One of the keys to healthy weight loss is to avoid long periods of fasting. It has been scientifically proven higher prevalence of obesity among individuals who eat once or twice a day, that among those who do it four times, using the same amount and quality of food.

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Nuts more Mediterranean diet: A great benefit for your health

Add a handful of nuts to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish is useful for controlling a set of cardiovascular risk factors, known as metabolic syndrome. This is the main conclusion of a Spanish study whose results are published in the latest issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

Shows that regular consumption of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds is more beneficial to health than the intake of olive oil, a fat known for its heart-healthy properties.

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Dinner only fruit diet

The feeling of lightness when dinner fruit is not necessarily reflected in the weight. The custom of dining only fruit is relatively common in many people concerned about their figure, their extra kilos and their health. It occurs mostly in women of all ages.

They usually reserve dinner time for the three recommended daily servings of fruits and even some more if they come home hungry. They understand that they are foods that are satisfying and filling. At the same time, they believe that make dinner a light menu in calories.

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