The best way to burn fat

burn fatMore believe that the 60 minute session of medium intensity – the best way to lose weight. In fact, with an average load burn more calories from fat than high-intensity class. However, a more important factor in reducing weight through fat is the balance between these calories and energy expended.

In addition, matters and what happens to your body after a workout is over. When class is built on the principle of interval load, you burn more calories per minute than the average intensity of training. Of course, you probably will not last that long, but the number of calories burned in both cases is similar.

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Emotions and overweight

Emotions and extraweightEmotions of can of cause a of set and losing weight. This of process is of linked to of the production of several of hormones of that of the determination of our of behavior in a of giving of the situation. For of example, in a state fear, anxiety or of excitement of the body of producers of the hormone of adrenaline, which of accelerates of the of metabolism.

Nervously, we sped off the extra calories, especially of when we of begin to of twitch, nail of biting, weaving, etc. As the result of research by Of American of scientists of have of found of that of people of being of more of likely to be of nervous of them.

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The best way to burn fat

SlimBodybuilding affects the metabolism to a greater extent, and its effect lasts longer than after aerobic exercise. During weight training the body goes into a unique mode of enhanced energy from active service the fiber. Now he needs a rest and good nutrition, and here is found aspects that seem invisible.

Weight training does not burn fat as aerobics. Hard training utilizes more carbohydrates than fat. But he also increases the metabolic needs of the body. Within a few hours (and actually – a few days), the body continues to recover, even after a single session. This process is very different from the results of low-intensity aerobic session.

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Exercise routine to burn fat

Perform routine at the gym or at home that are limited to the use of machines may not be the best choice for burning fat.

One of the disadvantages of attending a gym especially if

  • Let jumping from machine to machine without knowing what we are doing, or
  • A coach makes us jump from machine to machine without knowing what it puts us do.

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5 Fruits to burn fat

Today I will share with you about the best fruits to burn fat and help them in their fight to have the body you have always wanted.

  • ORANGES: If you are thinking of Vitamin C, are correct. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that helps the creation of collagen, iron and maintain healthy digestive system. Other fruits high in vitamin C are lemons, limes, tangerines and grapefruit.

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That is called Operation Bikini

Bikini dietrLots of treatments perform by women, one of the most accepted is called Operation Bikini, these words are extensively used especially in Europe, but that is what this alleged operation bikini is just used to refer to what women do before the summer to keep fit, diet or exercise and all behavior to look very nice on the beach with your bikini.

The operation takes about 3 months bikini, and is the time that women have to get ready for the summer and get fit and remove all have aesthetic error such as excess weight, cellulite, stretch marks, etc., to perform Operation Bikini them follow a series of beauty tips, which help them lose weight and look fit.

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Why diets burn fat?

fat burn All diets have few in common, you lose some fat initially, but it is also slow to lose some muscle with these programs and lose muscle can be disastrous for your efforts to burn fat, but the problem with these diets is that the people who still recover the fat to lose and something recommend one type of food that eventually can cause poor eating habits.

Also are not pleasant and you can not integrate your lifestyle, diets are doomed to failure because they are temporary, people who are dieting regularly do not burn fat in the long run.

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Exercising in the morning to burn fat

burn fatSome scientists say that athletes who want to burn fat should avoid eating before exercising. Some athletes eat before training, several studies indicate that exercise when the body contains little food could be a good way to eliminate fat. In a recent paper, European researchers found that cyclists who trained before eating burned a much larger amount of fat than those fed first.
Muscles tend to take energy from carbohydrates. This is the reason why top athletes can eat much before a competition. However, if the athlete has not eaten, your body does not have many carbohydrates in their reserves, thus forcing your system to burn fat, scientists say.

“When you exercise (without eating), adrenaline and insulin is high, low,” said Peter Hespel, a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Leuven in Belgium. “That relationship is good for muscles to oxidize (dissolve) more fatty acids.” That is why those who train without having eaten burn more fat than if they had, he said.

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Lose weight and burn fat at home!

lose weight The gym is not going with you? Do not worry, there are very simple exercises you can do at home and that will allow you to lose inches and tone legs, butt, abs and arms to reveal a body ten!

It is a revolution in the field of fitness and helps us to exercise simple and straightforward. With Pilates can do pushups and crunches in a calm and see how we lose belly, but mostly we get fitter. We can help in a rubber ball half size we use to get over or under when performing the stretches.

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