How to burn calories

burn calories go slimIn the process of weight loss it is very important to move actively. After all, how many burn calories need your body it depends on how much you can use most of these calories. The objective of most dieters is more burn calories than consumed. The problem is that today our energy consumption decreased significantly compared to our ancestors.

If earlier the average man had to consume 5,000 calories, and a woman – 4000, today these figures are halved. It turns out that we have food and drink half. If we reduce the amount of food we will get half the nutrients (and this against the background of the fact that the product is now much less of these substances contained), and this will have another problem – cell starvation.

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Burn 500 calories every day

Burn caloriesBasics about losing weight is to decrease the amount of calories, it is the axis on which turns weight loss. But how more calories you lose, that’s another question, if you put that number much lower your body into defense mode and your body fat you accumulate instead of eliminating them. On the contrary if a little low tapering will take you a long time.

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Want to burn calories while having fun

burn funMusic is life and move to the rhythm of music helps you to let go, to feel your body and also to burn calories!

Dancing is one of the world’s sexiest workouts, improve your cardiac and respiratory functions and helps you lose weight in a fun way. Then, create a playlist with your preferred music, studying the steps we have chosen for you and rock out every morning to get your fill of energy throughout the day.

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A small number of ways to burn calories without exercise

without exerciseHow many calories you can burn, making your lifestyle just a little change? The answer may surprise you. It turns out that the simplest actions that you perform throughout the day, help you burn extra calories.
If you want to burn calories without exercise, experts will tell you to increase thermo genesis. From school course remember that the term refers to all the actions of the body towards its maintenance, as well as to produce heat. That is, increasing the number of movements throughout the day can replace you a little exercise, and thus will contribute to weight loss.

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If we burn calories by exercising more can we eat?

A person who is overweight and you exercise the sole purpose of losing those extra kilos should be aware that it may not be enough if not carried out an orderly plan in their food. If you exercise daily but the power consumption is very high not achieved the objective. Thus, when one wants to lose weight is necessary that the energy balance is negative, i.e., more energy is spent for the intake.

This does not mean eating less, but eating better. A weight loss plan allows you to eat more food that provide less energy and help to fill. Furthermore, if the exercise is accompanied diet, this will cause the excess body fat burning go faster.

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