3 Foods That Will Help You Build Muscle

For a muscular and athletic figure, you have to build your muscles and reduce fat. You don’t get a well-proportioned, athletic body just by lifting heavy weights. It is a much more complex path that consists of optimally adapted training, proper nutrition and good regeneration. Strength training, which is based on the principle of so-called biological adaptation, makes the body more muscular. Regular stress during a training session increases performance and leads to muscle building and strength gains. Continue reading “3 Foods That Will Help You Build Muscle”

5 Things You Should Know to Build Muscle with the Right Foods

1. Building muscles
You should stretch and contract the muscles to lift weights to make them grow. Marathon runners have huge muscles if they were fully exercised to build new muscle tissue.

Stretch the muscle and then contracting it with microscopic ruptures generate resistance in muscle tissue during the break will be regenerated with new tissue to grow the muscle and making it stronger, this is called muscle hypertrophy. This is when the food you eat becomes important. Continue reading “5 Things You Should Know to Build Muscle with the Right Foods”