Bread Fattening Diet

slimWhile the bread is healthy and essential in the diet, some people just refuse to eat and this is because of the false beliefs … Let’s see which of these beliefs are true and which are false.

For thousands of years, bread and cereals have been the staple food of the people. Nutritionally is valuable but our customs have undergone many myths:

 Whole wheat bread is less fattening.

This is completely false, both the bread as white bread provide the same amount of calories are 258 kcal / g of white bread and 238 kcal / g of bread. What is certain is that the bread has fiber and thus helps regulate the bowel and makes it more satiating hunger and so take longer to appear. Continue reading “Bread Fattening Diet”

Bread for weight loss

Bread dietBread for weight loss benefit and that contain a lot of fiber. And as you know, fiber helps to rid the body of harmful toxins and normalizes the digestive system. If your body lacks fiber, high version of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Useful enough food for our bodies, especially for its low calorie content. “How many calories in a loaf pan?” – You ask. The answer is that the same as in ordinary bread, but the body to get the “bread calories” of bread, spends almost as many calories as is contained in this product.
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Healthy Dose for the Year 2013

Healthy Dose Do you want to eliminate the stubborn fat from your body? Well, if answer to this question is resounding yes, then here’s a cool way on how to remain on a food trail and avoid body fat.

Cookie– from sugar free to high fiber and multi grain, cookies took on a new mantle as the year has neared the end presenting us antioxidant cookies. These cookies are made of grape seeds that not only tastes good, but it is also loaded with antioxidants that is 10 times higher than conventional cookie, says the researchers. Obviously all this talk is still on a lab but you never know, when it may hit the stores near you. Continue reading “Healthy Dose for the Year 2013”

Nutrition experts recommend not removing the bread meals!

The bread is part of the Mediterranean diet.

  • It is the basis of the Mediterranean diet.
  • It is a mistake to remove it from the diets of patients with obesity.
  • Its consumption has fallen in recent years.

Bread is a staple in a healthy and balanced diet as it provides carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, and also non-fattening, according to nutrition experts have gathered in a simposisio about Pan and Health recently held in Valencia. Continue reading “Nutrition experts recommend not removing the bread meals!”

Weight loss methods

Weight LossThe minerals we are concerned in this system of weight loss. Very small amounts are needed daily for proper functioning of the body, silly amounts but essential. We are supposed to take place with this system we have to eat everything because, unless some radical sectors vegetarian food mixed with religion, human beings are omnivorous.

Our fight will be proteins and fats from carbohydrates. Will be two incompatible elements, and we isolate them. Later, when we are in the ideal weight, we can go mixing proteins with carbohydrates, which we should always avoid animal fat is mixed hydrates. Continue reading “Weight loss methods”